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Thread: Goofy Question: Anyone Buy/Sell Vintage SW based on shelf space?

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    Goofy Question: Anyone Buy/Sell Vintage SW based on shelf space?

    Yes read the title, it says it all!
    I have limited shelf space in my man cave- (2 corners of the basement).
    Now my overflow has a bit of storage space- but for the past few years I can honestly say a lot of my bigger transactions were based on what I can/want to display. For example I had a thing for Droids figures MOC and loose graded but they got the bump when I fell for the ROTJ 2 packs. Going forward I am keeping w my square footage display max. “If it doesnt fit you must aquit” a piece to ebay or RS 😂

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    I think that is a great question! I am in a very small house after some changes in my life and I'm very limited as to what I can purchase. I have now started collecting the power of the force coins because they take up very little space. I have also been selling things off because of space issues. Never give up collecting just change it up!
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    I am the opposite. I live in a small space and keep finding new and intetesting ways to max the space. Even managed to somehow fit a Bmf in there. But you are right it has come to a point where I've become mighty selective about what to buy. I've restricted myself to vintage only until we buy a house.

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    Yes , this describes me and my collecting. My entire collection is displayed inside a printer drawer wooden shadowbox which I have hung on the wall. I no longer keep carded figures as they would just sit stacked in my closet. (Not that I had high-end '77 AFA figures like some of you to begin with!). I didn't see the value in keeping those.

    The way I see it, curating is part of the fun of collecting, it keeps impulse purchases at bay. Aside from these few figures, I have a few knickknacks/collectibles displayed in front of my single bookshelf.

    I've de-cluttered over the years by trimming my overflow. It is easy to pick up stuff at garage sales and flea markets because it is cheap but it doesn't quite fit my collection. I've sold off many of these things and used the money towards higher-end items I want.
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    Not with Vintage but definitely with modern stuff. I now ask myself, “where will I display this” before I buy it. If it’s going in a box I’m not buying it With Vintage, I’ll make room if I “need” it

    Id love to see pictures of everyone’s setups.
    Always looking for Yoda, Biker Scout, Stormtrooper, Gamorrean Guard and Yak Face items. Especially prototypes and carded figures.

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