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Thread: FS: Wattos Junkyard Tusken Slayer (Anakin EP2 Saber)

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    FS: Wattos Junkyard Tusken Slayer (Anakin EP2 Saber)

    Both are mint complete. The Vader was never displayed by me and the previous owner said he never displayed it either (I checked it out upon receiving and it looks like he was telling the truth). This is the limited edition version.

    Anovos Oxixo was briefly displayed by me (under a month). These Oxixo helmets didn’t come with art boxes but do come with the numbered brown shippers.

    Vader $810 shipped in continental US SOLD
    Oxixo $380 shipped in continental US SOLD

    Wattos Junkyard Tusken Slayer Anakin EP2 $350 shipped

    This is a Tusken Slayer made by Watto’s Junkyard. This is an empty hilt with no electronics so you can choose to do your own install or just display it as a shelf queen. There is a scratch on the inside of the emitter (see last photo), and one of the four magnets that holds the control box together was flipped upside down by the original owner, making that magnet ineffective. The other three magnets are strong enough to compensate, but if you are able to remove the magnet you can easily flip it right side up. Overall the hilt is in fantastic condition! Everything that is pictured is what you will receive. This is a beautiful saber and is very well made.

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    Vader Helmet Sold
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    Prices reduced
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    TIE pilot helmet sold
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