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Thread: Ebay Craziness

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    Ebay Craziness

    Check out the auction below! They must be all hard copies LOL!!!!!

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    I always just assume that outrageously priced listing are banking on finding someone with more money than impulse control. But this one with it's 10k opening bid, crappy pics, and equally unimpressive copy, is laughably deluded.

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    Lol, if these sell I will list mine and then back for far less.. some people are just plain dumb
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    If the paint rubs are authentic I'm in. Pm incoming.

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    I didn't notice the first time, but it's local pickup only, as well.

    Not sure I'd want the person who paid 10k showing up face to face. Just Paypal me, I'm happy to mail it to you.

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