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Thread: How many are there?

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    It even states right on the package: "Action Figure Set."
    I still see them more as a creature set and wouldn't include them as part of the action figure line. But to each his own. I pretty much just go by the POTF cardback plus Yak. Blue Snaggletooth for all intents and purposes is just a variation, albeit an important one.

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    The how many are there question will be debated from now until eternity. Really it's all personal opinion and whatever makes you happy. I thinks of the total as more of a range then a definitive number. You can look at it from a cardback number, a variant number, a creatures number, a set number, a Kenner oops we meant for snag to be red not blue number, etc. It's like the last 17 debate. Or is it the last 15? It's Star Wars. Have fun and just keep collecting plastic until you have no more shelf space.....and then buy storage bins and maybe add on an additional room. haha

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    I consider characters. Salacious Crumb is sentient in my eyes. Rebo Band for sure. I don't count variants. Brown hair, blonde, it's one character. The Jawa cloak doesn't make a different jawa. I do count different play factors, periscope R2, droid factory R2 etc.... So..104. I don't care about the Droid or Ewoks cartoon lines.

    I do enjoy variants very much. I enjoy COOs. I have most of the affordable ones. Some aren't mint or complete but that's ok with me. Teebo is the most important COO, I think, the nub under the hood makes all the difference in the figure. I also love Yoda variants, with 70 Yodas I have pretty much all the variants.
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    Always looking for more Yodas in great condition no matter the completeness! Also Amanaman's staff!!!!


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    I’m about to blow everybody’s mind with this one - the ROTJ Darth Vader should count as two figures since he is still Anakin on the inside.

    Another mind blowing experience - Yoda’s snake is counted as a figure.

    The final mind blow - nobody cares. Collect what you love. Collect what you can afford.
    Always look on the bright side of life...

    WTB: Vintage Collection Hoth AT AT. Either the box on its own or the box with vehicle.

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