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Thread: My Star Wars Film Find

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    Hi Steve,

    As you can imagine, my in boxes (I posted the same thing in several Star Wars forums) have blown up, which seems to be geometrically increasing as each tell two friends, who tell two friends, and so on, and so on... So tomorrow (this weekend at the latest) I hope to sit down and start responding to all the great feedback I've gotten. But I had to jump in tonight to thank you for this information and especially that video link with George Lucas. That was just freaky to see him back in late 1979 displaying images from a strip of film that may very well be sitting on a table to my right at this very moment. I'd estimate that about 8-10% of this footage is various animations of walkers, including that exact scene on George's screen. Roughly 30-40% of the strips begin with a series of cells with what appears to be the same info that's on a clapperboard. They are dated from late January to mid-February 1980. There is a few feet of color sound film but with images that appear to have nothing to do with Star Wars. Everything that is has no sound and is entirely in B/W. Many strips are variations of the same scene with the majority related to the battle on Hoth, some scenes on Dagobah and the Cloud City, and a lot of Han, Chewy, Leia, and C3P0 in the Millennium Falcon (most scenes from behind them looking out have no star field) and front or side head shots of Luke in the cockpit of his X-Wing. However, I confess I still have not viewed all of this film, and still have about a third of it to identify. And yes, most of this are strips of only a few feet, but there's also several rolls that extend well over 25 feet, some over 50, and even a few over 100 feet.

    Unfortunately, roughly 150-200 feet (a small percentage of it) was damaged from what looks like heat, most likely from when it was stored in my parent's attic back in the '80s after they moved from San Anselmo to Clearlake, CA.

    I was also very familiar with the "Park House". I threw a San Francisco Chronicle over a tall white fence at the rear of it every morning at around 4:00 am. Unfortunately, I couldn't get to those garbage cans :-)

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    Yes, agree with all. Please do not cut.

    Leave "as is" Best way is to digitize the each roll individually.

    As to value, it has value, but it depends on your point of view.

    Perhaps a doc on the preservation. Who knows what else is on the film.
    Thank you.
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