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    Electronic Sounds

    So I was messing around and fixing the electronics on my Darth Vader's TIE fighter and once I had it working I realized that it sounds different than my snowspeeder, the only other ship I have with working electronics other than the AT-AT which sounds different as well. (I plan on fixing the others over time). But it got me thinking, do all the ships make slightly different laser sounds? Do some sound identical? Does the TIE, Darth TIE, and Interceptor sound different or identical? X-Wing and Falcon? Leave a comment and for the sake of humor feel free to describe your sounds in whatever series of letters and words you feel appropriate.

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    Ive been fixing a lot of the vintage electronics lately and yes they make different sounds. Most use the same gimmick but all ties make the same general sound. The x wing is higher piched and the falcon rumbles more. The snowspeeder and y wing make unique sounds. The sounds drive my soon to be wife now i can see what my parents went through...oh the at at makes a unique one as well.
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    The sound is based on the plastic pedal the motor cog rubs against. I have noticed the buzzing differences as well, however the X-wing's and tie's should sound the same.

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    Because they're basically the same motor and the sound should only vary based on the type, size, and density of the plastic pedal right? Would be fun to experiment with different materials and plastic densities to see if you could make a "custom" sound

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    Also depends on the age or wear and tear on your motors. Most have the same motors and plastic piece the cog hits. Some ships just have a larger open area where the motor sits so think of the motor compartment as a speaker. I love the simplicity of these old ships. Very easy to repair.
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    I never considered the motors' "chamber" as contributing to the difference in the sounds. Interesting thought, toyman941.

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