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    I don't think there is any truth in that rumor.

    I have a decent amount of Sideshow products, when they're on their A game, their stuff is amazing (Legendary Scale Yoda, Mythos line, etc) but their recent offerings especially of the last 2 years or so have been utter garbage. I never thought I'd be able to say no to Bespin Han and Luke but their head sculpts and poses are so awful I was able to say no to those "collectibles."

    The price hike isn't helping either. Hopefully SDCC is a good Sideshow Star Wars showing.
    I agree. Why would they lose their license? As rumors go, we never know for sure and I think the lack of new product and not showing up at Celebration have given way for these rumors. I've been collecting many of their pieces for years, from most of their diorama line, to PF's, Mythos, McQuarrie statues, half scale and life-size items, plus all their astromech droids and some of their 1/6 scale figures. I agree that the poses and face sculpts on Luke and Han are not their best at all. But, if the rumors were to be true, it'd be a real disappointment to see them go. Hopefully, as you mentioned, SDCC will serve as a venue for them to show some upcoming product. I'm also hoping for Gentle Giant to offer at least one mini bust there, and show some new product as well. As far as pricing, GG is apparently lowering the price on their mini busts. As long as the same quality of these is maintained, I'm glad to see it happening.
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