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Thread: Favorite Card Art/Logo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobotscomb View Post
    Boba fett fireball card with esb logo. That screams get this figure kid it beats everything.
    Yeah, I'd have to say "Fireball Fett" is the greatest Star Wars card ever. There's so much nostalgia behind it, and really, no other carded figure hits me in the feels the same way. Well, for Star Wars. Storm Shadow 1 and 2, Firefly 1, Baroness, Night Creeper, Crystal Ball, Ripper, Jinx, and a few other Joe / Cobra figures really hit me harder lol

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    ROTJ Imperial Tie fighter Pilot Card back is awesome, chasing and shooting at the Falcon!

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    Even though there's nothing spectacular about it; the Emperor's card is one of my favorites. I just really like the angle/shot of the character in the picture; he looks especially sickly and creepy.
    "Evacuate? In our moment of triumpth? I think you overestimate their chances!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duskamp View Post
    SW line: DSD ESB: Snowtrooper. ROTJ: ERG POTF: Luke gunner
    Good call Ove, favourite debut character card art by logo: SW: Stormtrooper, ESB: Rebel Soldier, ROTJ: Luke Jedi; POTF: Imperial Gunner.
    WTB: Palitoy ROTJ 65 back Stormtrooper

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    Favourite backing card is POTF

    Fav art ( sorry, had to do a top 5 )
    1 farmboy Luke
    2 storm trooper
    3 Emperors guard
    4 AT AT commander
    5 boba fett desert

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