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Thread: WTB: CW Starfighters, Loose Figs, Instruction Manual for Clone Turbo Tank

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    WTB: CW Starfighters, Loose Figs, Instruction Manual for Clone Turbo Tank


    —Original Clone Wars line 2003 Blue/White Jedi Starfighter (Loose is fine, as long as Fully funcional, good condition & 100% Complete)
    —Anakin’s Modified CW Starfighter (from either CW’03 or LC/CW Red Box’08. Loose is fine as long as fully functional, no weather wear(color fade, etc) & 1000% Complete. Ideally, would prefer the 2008 rerelease. Will take the 2003CW version, but would like for it to be either still boxed or in as close to perfect condition if loose. Thank you)
    —Yoda’s Attack Jedi Fighter with Yoda(w/headset) & Super Battle Droid (From Jan 2013 CW Class I Deluxe line)

    —TBS/TVC Imperial Death Trooper (Loose,Complete is fine) will take up to 2
    —5POA Kylo Ren w/out helmet (Loose)
    —TVC Photorealistic 2019 Han Echo Base, and/or Darth Vader (Loose is fine, actually preferred, as long as in good shape & 100% Complete) *In the case of Vader, I would even be willing to take just the head only, plus I would give you the head from the previous release to even out the sale a little, if interested*

    —Instruction Manual for Clone Turbo Tank
    —Need The Boxes for the following 3 vehicles:
    The Clone Turbo Tank
    The Clone Wars AT-TE
    The Big Falcon
    **The cardboard inserts(even just some of them) would be a nice bonus for
    YOU AND ME, but just the empty box alone will do. None of the boxes need to be in perfect condition, just needed to store the vehicle.

    —1 of the long projectiles/missiles for the mini Trade Federation/Separatist Armored Scout Tank
    —Grey Antenna from 2008 Trade Federation AAT (Blue/grey version, not the tan)
    —Need any/all 3 of the red projectile missiles from CW’03 Geonosian Starfighter (There is an identical black-ish version of the missile for the launcher in the middle of the vehicle which I would happily to take that over the red...and since it’s not original to the ship, it may be easier to find from elsewhere. Example: It may have been from a useless giant cannon packed in with a figure at some point.
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    I have a box for the AT-TE but it doesn't have the inside parts. Do you need complete box?

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