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Thread: W: TVC CARDBACKS/ TFA Ackbar,5thBrother,Numb,FN-2187,Tasu Leech/ R.O. Saw,Scarif ST Leader

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    W: TVC CARDBACKS/ TFA Ackbar,5thBrother,Numb,FN-2187,Tasu Leech/ R.O. Saw,Scarif ST Leader

    LOOKING TO BUY (or trade):

    5PO Figures: **All figures can be loose as long as in good shape and w/original weapons. Non of the silly Build-A-Weapons necessary**
    —TFA Admiral Ackbar
    —TFA Fifth Brother Inquisitor
    —TFA FN-2187 (Would be content to purchase the helmet only without the figure, for a fair price)
    —TFA Stormtrooper Squad Leader
    —TFA Nien Numb (very low on wants list)
    —TFA Tasu Leech (low on wants list)
    —TLJ First Order Gunner from Battle on Crait 4-pk (very low on wants list)
    —R.O. Scarif Stormtrooper Leader (from 2-pck)
    —R.O. AT-ACT Driver pack-in (very low on wants list)
    —R.O. Saw Gerrera
    —R.O. Edrio Two-Tubes

    —TVC Photorealistic 2019 Han Echo Base (Preferably carded, or would at least like card to be included even if figure/bubble is removed from it)
    —ALSO, I am very interested in the cardbacks for the TVC Praetorian Guard, Captain Phasma, Gam Grd, Luke Photo Real and/or Vader Photo Real (will pay of course, I only ask that the bubble be cut off cleanly, hence leaving the photo intact

    —MULTIPLE Various 2010-2012 Vintage Collection cardbacks(prefer bubbles cut off fairly cleanly). Need WAAAY too many to list, please let me know what you have & we’ll work something out

    —Need The Boxes for the following 2 vehicles:
    The Clone Wars Turbo Tank
    The Clone Wars AT-TE
    **The cardboard inserts(even just some part of them) would be nice
    but just the box alone will do. Boxes don’t need to be in perfect condition, just needed to store the vehicle.

    —1 of the long projectiles/missiles for the mini Trade Federation/Separatist Armored Scout Tank
    —Grey Antenna from 2008 Trade Federation AAT (Blue/grey version, not the tan)
    —Need any/all 3 of the red projectile missiles from CW’03 Geonosian Starfighter (There is an identical black-ish version of the missile for the launcher in the middle of the vehicle which I would happily to take that over the red...and since it’s not original to the ship, it may be easier to find from elsewhere. Example: It may have been from a useless oversized-cannon packed in with a figure at some point.
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    I have a box for the AT-TE but it doesn't have the inside parts. Do you need complete box?

    my feedback thread

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    Have Anakin’s Modified CW Starfighter; I wouldn't consider it mint but it's not really beat up either.

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    Revised with new added, old removed.

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    Totally revised with a whole new list of 5poa figures I’m interested. Please feel free to PM

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