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Thread: Has Hasbro's Retro line changed your collecting goals?

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    Has Hasbro's Retro line changed your collecting goals?

    For me the answer is yes. Prior to this line I was focused on building a MOC collection. My focus was mainly figures on ROTJ cards because they tend to be cheaper. I have now decided to stop and wait to see what else Hasbro releases. The Retro figures look great alongside my vintage MOC. I will admit that I still like my authentic vintage figures the best and I cherish my vintage loose collection above all. I don't like that the guns aren't staying in the hands of the Retro. Reminds me too much that these aren't designed to be toys. However, I'm fine collecting these as carded examples of classic figures. Since their release I don't think I'll ever dish out the cash for 12-back MOC.

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    I don't actively pursue vintage MOC so it hasn't changed my collecting goals per say, but it has made me excited for the possibility of seeing some new vintage style characters that we haven't seen before. I'd still rather own a 12-back MOC then a retro MOC and a vintage loose figure over a retro loose figure. I still need a mint loose FB luke and the retro collection isn't going to scratch that itch for me. Tarkin on the other hand is awesome. He's the only non vintage figure that I put on my vintage shelf. Hope they keep doing more.

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    The Retro line is more the thrill of seeing Tatooine Luke back on the pegs than anything. I highly doubt these will ever be as valuable or as sought after as the Kenner line. They are cool, and at first, even though I wasn't against them, I wasn't planning on buying them. I did, and will finish a second set to open. Like Wampa said, these will not scratch the vintage itch. I'd like to see them make the rest of the first 12, then totally focus on figures we never got.

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    Not really because I have most of what I was after. However, if they did release an early bird, I'm going to get something I probably wouldn't be able or justify the purchase. So I guess yes, it has changed a little bit for my collection. I will also keep buying the retro mocs as they come out, (if they continue )

    Value is something we probably won't see for a long time. But I'm not buying these for future values. Same with my original pieces. Unless a good deal pops up, I won't be buying much more . Not with the prices of today anyway.
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    With the Retro line in place, my collecting goal is to ensure that I dont waste money when making vintage purchases, now that we have an alternative. I'm a loose collector, so I'd never shell out for Kenner MOC figures, but I have bought a number of loose figures, though most of them have been $10 or under anyway. I had other higher priced Kenner purchases planned, all of which will now go on hold. With the possibility of Hasbro releasing some of the rare Kenner figures, theres simply no way I'm going to spend the money on originals, especially because I never buy a figure with value in mind - I still consider them toys, not investments.

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    It actually has. I am a loose collector with a handful of carded favorites. Now instead of trying to find 2 more loose luke farmboys to display with landspeeder and death star i simply bought these. I bought 1 of each to populate the death star and a bunch of stormtroopers too. I was able to save a bundle and buy a complete Y wing with the savings. So now i can focus on the 9 potf figs i need and the 3 last vehicles without the need for duplicate original figs for display. Its not like I'm buying the new ones over the vintage but rather shifting funds elsewhere in the vintage market.
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    My collecting habits havenít changed much. Vintage is what I grew up with and love. Iíd still rather save up for one authentic 12 back, then have a truck load of modern vintage copies.

    I am going to try to finish my loose collection before the market gets flooded with new versions (Iím betting this line will continue). It is hard enough already to make sure accessories are authentic and Iím not a fan of loose graded figures (besides even the grading companies have been known to make mistakes).
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    Not really because I'm a loose collector and was only interested in Tarkin. He has certainly scratched the itch for me and now I want more unreleased characters! I don't mind the retreads, but they can keep my share since I already have the originals. I can see the appeal in using RC for displays/ships, especially troopers, but you wouldn't get that lovely bouquet of "eau-de-plasticization" in your collection!
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    no because i just dont have the room. while these are new figures (not repro figures) that look similar to the originals im just not interested because in addition to getting the originals im already collecting the 6 inch black series
    (in a more focused way i cant get them all) and choice things from tvc and other modern lines. i just cant start yet another collection im already collecting gi joe and transformers and am sorely tempted by motu and other lines i wish i could revisit.
    now if they rereleased the imperial dignitary or some other last 17 er.....
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    Just a little, so far. Picked up the Retro Stormtrooper because it was the only one so far that I really wanted, so that saves me about 75 dollars on a good quality re-card. I've noticed that the guy I usually buy re-cards from has started to drop his prices a bit, I guess the writing is on the wall. I never got around to getting a carded vintage Dignitary, so at this point I'm just going to wait a bit and see what happens. If they make a Retro one, I'm all for that. Same nostalgia, just 200 dollars less...

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