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Thread: Sideshow still have Star Wars License?

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    Sideshow still have Star Wars License?

    A month or so ago it occurred to me that there has not been a New PF in over a year. Then I realized they have not released any new Star Wars products including Hot Toys since January. I tried to talk to Sideshow about this and all they would say is some company garbage about not being able to talk about future releases. I am thinking they lost the license. Anyone have any insight?

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    A little birdie told me that they did not renew their license back in December.

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    What would that mean for the statues on pre-order?

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    I suspected they were done. Did the birdie tell you, Will they still be distributing hot toys?

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    Their last few pieces have been duds, which haven't sold, so they are probably slowing down production, thinking that DC/Marvel can sell more for them right now.

    But the last few pieces were duds because of their decisions (ugly Han, tap dancing Luke Skywalker, another Boba Fett and another Darth Vader, Norman Reedus Ben Kenobi) so they have no one but themselves to blame for their recent struggles.

    Their Darth Maul and Jango Fett are brilliant and sold well, and their Legendary Scale Yoda is a work of art but they've been so inconsistent with their pieces for the last few years now, that includes their Marvel and DC lines.
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    This was debated on SF. I think they have but just aren't making much for now. Been 10 months for a PF. DV was at CC.. I would be surprised if they gave it up. Also Igo announced a Rancor

    Darth Maul was awesome.
    Jango awsome
    I did like ROTJ Darth Vader. not a great pose but great statue
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    Shame if it's true, but it's difficult to compete with Hot Toys for 1/6 and both XM and Iron Studios have shown they can create superior 1/4 statues.

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    I agree about IS, Xm but they couple hundred more than SSC. It is weird not anything new, teased

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    I would love to add the Jango Fett PF. Not a fan of the mixed medium pieces but to me this is probably the nicest Jango piece ever produced. I think it would go well with my XM Boba Fett statue!
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