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Thread: FS: 1/6 Sideshow, Hot Toys & Custom Star Wars Figures 20+ listed!!!

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    FS: 1/6 Sideshow, Hot Toys & Custom Star Wars Figures 20+ listed!!!

    I'm pairing down my 1/6 SW collection and have the following figures for sale. Most have the original mailers, but a few do not... if that's important to you let me know and I can confirm if the mailer is present or not.

    All figures have been displayed, but are complete and in excellent condition unless otherwise indicated.

    Shipping w/in the US with insurance is included in the price, I can combine shipping on some items. I will ship internationally, but I'd need to get a quote and on a few of the larger items I will not ship (like the TaunTaun).

    I have not been super active on RS for awhile, but I am an active member and mode over on SSF and I have 100% positive feedback on eBay under the same name. Please ask any questions and don't be afraid of making an offer.

    Hot Toys:
    1/6 Figures
    ROTJ Boba Fett (reg)- $210
    Spacetrooper- $210

    Dioramas/Larger Pieces-
    TaunTaun- $845 SOLD!!!
    Han Solo in Carbonite v1- $300 SOLD!!!
    Probe Droid v1 (w/Snow Base)- $260 SOLD!!!

    1/6 Figures
    Captain Antilles- $100
    Endor Rebel Commando Sergeant
    - $100 (loose, no box or stand but complete otherwise)
    Figrin D'an-
    Prototpe Boba Fett Ex
    - $200
    Endor Commando Nik Sant- $80 SOLD!!!
    Admiral Piett- $175 SOLD!!!
    Hammerhead Ex- $365 SOLD!!!
    Jawa 2 Pack- $165 SOLD!!!

    ROTJ Anakin Skywalker- $200SOLD!!!
    Power Droid
    (Dorgmal Snow/Snow Corporation)- $175 SOLD!!!
    Weequay- $200 SOLD!!!
    Blue Snaggletooth- $200 SOLD!!!
    Ree-Yees- $250 SOLD!!!
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    I forgot to mention, I can PM or email pictures of anything that is for sale. That's especially important for the customs

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    Only a few items left... willing to make deals.

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