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Thread: My Star Wars some other retro 80's and 90's stuff

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    My Star Wars some other retro 80's and 90's stuff

    I still don't know how to post pics directly on the post, so here is my gallery link. Its just about maxed out in terms of the sheer volume/wife's patience ratio...

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    Might be better to start from this pic and click the arrow to scroll through the gallery....

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    Those are some great displays! Love the BTTF stuff!

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    Thanks. Ya BTTF just reminds me of my childhood, along with Star Wars of course

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    Great stuff jediwampa1980... love all the displays and the way you have them set. Top Notch!
    Longing for the Good Old Kenner Days where SW Figures were in great supply and everyone was able to find their favorite characters etc..... Hasbro you need to follow this example ! Twitter: @SWChamp

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    Thanks for the praise... I have added a few new things... new skiff and a modified Arcade One Up cabinet... Here are the direct link pics to them in my gallery

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    Great pictures! That skiff is so cool.

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