$10,000 OBO

I am looking to sell my complete main cast and crew ESB SE poster. I will disclose everything I can, but feel free to ask any additional questions, here is everyone that signed and how acquired-

James Earl Jones-K9 acquired and certed (Sticker on back, but lost actual cert)
Dave Prowse, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew and Jeremy Bulloch-Men Behind the Mask Tour-Chicago Wizard World, 1998
Anthony Daniels and Mark Hamill-Star Wars Celebration, I forget the year, but they have stickers on the back from Official Pix
Gary Kurtz-Again, forget year, but form London Comiccon and sticker on back from Official Pix
Ian McDiarmdid-From First Official Pix Private Signing
Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams-Both from Motor City Comic Con and received IP.
George Lucas-IP from current Steiner Sports employee
Harrison Ford-another K9 pickup, attached picture of Harrison Signing THIS poster, (if picture is not allowed, I will pull down)
Frank Oz-Another K9 pickup, was originally inscribed "To Frank"-I had Studio C clean up, along with a small hole at very bottom that has since been framed out.
John Williams-From "NickSportsautograph" consignment.
Lawrence Kasden-From premier of "Darling Companion" Miami premier.
I truly believe this poster is one of a kind and I have only seen one other even close that K9 owns (owned?) so the price reflects that.
Having been shipped around the world, this poster obviously has some dings and and bends, but I tried to frame most of them out.
The entire poster has been framed in UV class and acid free backing in my basement where there is no natural light (Only LED).
Additionally, the entire poster had been certified by Steve Grad and his team at Beckett.

I think that is everything, but I obviously will respond to any questions or comments.

Please note that this is the same poster I have listed in SWAU on FB. Had a lot of unexpected medical expenses come up so need to move-that said, I will be no means give this away.