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Thread: A Guide to Starting Star Wars Figure Collecting

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    Thanks guys, this is all really helpful! In regards to carded or loose, I'd probably take the figures out of the packaging so I can display them in a nice way. Just to confirm, when it comes to the vehicles, if I do get any, and it's a big if, I'd buy regardless of anything else I had. I don't care about matching the vehicle to any figures I may or may not have, so it really doesn't factor into my decision on the figures.

    Also, by four inch, are you meaning the 3.75 inches, or are four inches another scale option?

    So you advise that I not restrict myself to a single Collection found within 3.75 inches? I could combine TVC, Retro Collection, Star Wars Universe Line, GOA as my heart desires, and if I think it looks good?

    What do you mean by "Shipping to Retail"? Does it mean that some lines are currently discontinued? So if it's not at retail, I'd have to go online to eBay or something to get older figures?


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    Happy to help - I prefer my collection loose as well, so that they can be appreciated and displayed, especially in dioramas, etc. If you don't open your figures, what's the point of giving them any articulation at all, right? 3.75 and 4 inch are the same thing - some figures simply vary in height, for example - Chewbacca will be much taller than Princess Leia in any modern line.

    As I mentioned, I suggest you browse the various lines at retail and in the photo archives to see what you like, and what level of articulation you prefer. TVC is a super articulated line, and they tend to contain 14 or more points of articulation (joints). The other lines: Retro, Universe, and GOA are "basic" lines which means they have varying articulation - most are 5 POA (points of articulation), others 7 POA, even up to 9 POA in some cases. The articulation can be different based on each character. By shipping to retail, I mean what's out at stores now. There are countless 3.75 lines from years past, but the vast majority were only around for a specific movie release. When Episode I came out in 1999, it had its own 3.75 movie line, twenty years later, its obviously no longer at retailers. You can find old figures on ebay or you can search for toy / collectible / comic stores in your area. Let us know how the hunt goes - good luck!

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    A simple rule is, "Buy what you like (and can afford)".
    You are making it easy on yourself by not limiting yourself to specific brands or sizes.

    Since you are starting from scratch, ask yourself a couple of questions.
    How much do you want to spend?
    What condition do you want them in? (You said you are an opener but do you want minty fresh complete figures or are beaters acceptable?)
    How much space do you have for it? (Really important)
    How patient are you? Would you rather build a large collection quickly or slowly cultivate a specific one?
    How much time and effort do you want to put into it? (When I travel I look up toy stores in that area and I also visit thrift stores several times a week.)
    Is it worth the time and gas to physically hunt for toys, and is the thrill of the hunt worth it?

    The next step is to research your town to see what toy stores you have. I'd recommend planning on going to each place twice. The first time is to price shop. Many times you will find something considerably cheaper in another store (I bought 3 carded Jawa packs at on place for a total of $12 but saw the same toy selling for $20 each.)
    However, if you go to a far away place and they only have a couple of items then you may want to buy them then and never go back.
    Check out your flea markets, swap meets and conventions. Even if they are small, they might have some gems to find and because they are small, the prices might also be better. Our FanExpo costs $50-70 to get in (+ $20 for transportation + food). The prices there are probably higher but they might have rarer items. We have smaller conventions where the admission is only $10 and cheap loose figure are plentiful. The $70 I save going there buys a lot of stuff.

    When most people talk about scale, 4" = 3.75 = 1:18 scale figures. There are a few brands (EX: Bend-Ems) that are actually 4"s but most people consider them off scale. Now, if you get into other franchises (DC, Fortnite) then those figures are truly 4".

    Once you get into it you will start to ask more questions (Are repros and Ebay factory seconds ethical?; Do variants interest me?)

    Something else to think about is if you have an interest in customizing or building dioramas/display areas. Even if you think this is something you may want to do in the future, now is the time to start collecting parts and fodder figures.

    Finally, if you ever buy any Vintage (Kenner) sealed items and open them, be prepared to be chastised if you ever post that you've done it.

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    I agree with wanting your collection loose, it certainly makes more sense in the vast majority of cases. Figures are made to be displayed and played with, after all.

    Thank you for the clarification on height, now you point it out, it's obvious. The same would naturally be true of Yoda and R2 as well.

    I'll do what you suggest on the 3.75 inch line, looking at the various collections at that scale, and mix and matching based on the looks I like, and the characters that I want.

    As I'm disabled, I'm not going to be one to travel all over Britain managing to get figures from different stores, even local toy stores-there's not many left, and I can't easily get to them anyway. But I always shop around online, so I'll remember your advice Utinniii, thank you.

    Thank you all so much for your help, and I'll be sure to post here when I buy my first figure!


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