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Thread: FS: OT mini busts

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    FS: OT mini busts

    Paypal only
    NO F/F
    shipping is extra, on top of the listed price.
    $12-15 for one bust, more for multiple (s/h will be actual)
    Only shipping to USA at this time. Sorry

    Will consider trades for Jumbo Darth Vader or Stormtrooper

    Obi Wan Kenobi (ANH 2007) - $40
    Jawa (2 pack) - $55
    McQuarrie Concept Stormtrooper - $75
    Sandtrooper (SGT) - $50
    Sandtrooper (Sqd Leader) (COA/Box don't match bust #) - $50
    Darth Vader (thank the maker, PGM version) (empty hand finger broke and repaired, can't even see the break) - $150 ON HOLD
    Boba Fett (03) - $175 ON HOLD
    Tusken Raider - $55
    Stormtrooper - SOLD
    Yoda (ESB 05) - SOLD
    Chewbacca (06) - SOLD
    Lando Calrissian (10) - SOLD
    Farm boy Luke (regular) - SOLD
    Leia (ANH 07) - SOLD
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    Sorry I ghosted, life happened.

    I updated the list a bit, and added a trade offer.

    I don't have many smaller boxes at the moment, so I can't get you an actual shipping quote quickly, so assume $12-15 extra for single busts. I have larger boxes, so I can probably get any quotes for multiple busts done quicker.

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    DOH, seems when I updated the list after my absence, I messed up and put the wrong prices on a few items. Everything is updated appropriately. Sorry

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    So at this time I will not be shipping anything international. Sorry folks....

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    Updated some prices, and updated with one that have sold...

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    QUick bump... added a possible trade for Jumbo figures....

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