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Thread: 3.75 Satele Shan - Hope Trailer/Alderaan Version

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    3.75 Satele Shan - Hope Trailer/Alderaan Version

    So awhile back, I did a version of Satele Shan based on a concept art image: Linky

    After years away, I decided to do the version of Satele most folks are familiar with, the one from The Old Republic "Hope"/Alderaan trailer:

    I used to think this would be a no-brainer for Hasbro to make, especially when they made a few TOR figures years back.

    Of course, we all know what happened on the 3.75 front.

    But the customizing itch bit me HARD recently.

    Some more pics and then a listing of the parts used:

    My two Satele customs side by side:

    Parts Listing (Going from head to feet):
    • Head and hair = 25th GI Joe Scarlett;
    • Front Braids = Nightsister/Mother Talzin;
    • Upper and Lower Torso = Deena Shan comic pack (adhesive putty added to front and back; certain cuts made, and the shoulder padding also from Deena, as well);
    • Upper Arms = Mara Jade Black Series (Arm comm was probably sliced off from Deena Shan's belt);
    • Elbows, lower arms, and Hands = Ahsoka Tano Black Series;
    • Double-bladed saber = Two lightsabers cut, super-glued, and taped together with blue paint added;
    • Belt = Mara Jade Black Series;
    • Lower back, front, and side tabbards = Ahsoka Tano Black Series;
    • Upper legs = Nightsister/Mother Talzin (parts cut off and made to look like the top part of Satele's thigh-high boots); and
    • Lower legs and feet = Mara Jade Black Series.

    Getting ready to start a fight with Darth Malgus:

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    Both are really great! Using the Mother Talzin braids was a really nice idea.
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    I decided to touch up Satele's front tabbard and add the missing gold trim.

    Also, it's not an exact match to this drawing, but I tried to pull off a similar pose without the aid of a stand:

    It's funny: even when you're happy overall with a custom, there's always a part of you that wants to fix up those bits/spots where the custom just doesn't look right, complete, and/or slightly off.

    It was a little thing, but I'm glad I took the extra time to do it.

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    I know what you mean about viewing your own work with a critical eye, but you did a lot of work and the result is great.
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