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Thread: RIP Peter Mayhew

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    I met Peter Mayhew, Richard LeParmentier and William Hootkins all the same day at Megacon in Orlando many years ago, and now they're all gone. Sad to say it, but I'm happy to have met them all. Back in those days I was collecting action figures, so I brought with me a figure for Peter to sign. Peter graciously signed the card, which I still have in my collection, had some pictures taken with him, and chatted a bit. He was very nice with the group of us from Miami that was there, and it was a moment I've always treasured. A giant in real life and on the screen, bringing to life one of the most memorable characters in the Star Wars Universe with grace. You won't be forgotten, Peter. Rest in Peace, and thanks for the memories.
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    Thanks for the memories Mr. Peter Mayhew when I met you and on screen. You will be missed.
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    RIP Peter Thanks for the memories.
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    I met him and Kenny Baker at a show in Philly in the late '90s. I remember it vividly because Dave Prowse and Jeremy Bulloch were supposed to be there but they swapped the dates. So it was by accident I met Peter (and needless to say never met the other two to this day).

    I think I paid $20 for both autos. They both signed and inscribed the covers to me which was nice. I got Peter on a Star Wars Insider cover of Chewie and Kenny on the kids version of Star Wars book. Shows our own age and mortality to see so many of these icons we grew up with passing away. RIP and prayers go out to his family.
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    Chewbacca was my favorite character from the moment I saw him on screen when I was 5-6 years old. I'm not certain why I've been drawn to the character my whole life, but I believe it is because he seemed like me. Tall and quiet, but lovable. Sort of out of place in his surroundings, but very intelligent. Protective and loyal. Peter Mayhew was an unlikely celebrity that seemed to embrace the fandom perhaps more than any other.

    So happy to say that I took my chance to meet him at Celebration III and got a picture and autograph with the legend. It is the only Star Wars autograph that I have.
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    R.I.P. Peter Mayhew, thank you for your work.

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    That’s where I met SW Weekends. So genuinely nice to the fans.

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    To add to my last post: Being a huge SW fan ever since I was a kid back in the late '70's, I definitely knew what Mayhew looked like out of the Chewbacca outfit - due to the numerous production pictures/advertising pics./etc. that were made available over the years. Never met the man, but by all accounts he was a nice guy & very classy. Glad he was discovered in the UK back in the '70's (by the original SW production team) to star as Chewie in ANH. AFAIK, he wasn't a well-known actor (and may not have even been a professional actor) before his role in the SW films.

    At this point, it's sad to say that 5 of the original main actors/actresses in the OT have all passed at this point - I'm only including those who had major roles: I.e., Kenny Baker (R2-D2), Carrie Fisher (Leia), Peter Cushing (Grand Moff Tarkin), Alec Guiness (Obi-wan Kenobi), and now Peter Mayhew.

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