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Thread: Which Facebook group has the most obnoxious members?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiAdiRandy View Post
    Ease of posting pics and the ability to like posts. RS forums went down quick when admin eliminated the ability to like posts and it's too complicated for may to post pics here. There was just as much drama here when the masses were still hanging around.
    I remember, but I also remember the ban hammer. You would really have to mess up to get kicked off FB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepFrozen View Post
    Imperial Commissary if you would like to join that train wreck! Excellent source of drama, misinformation, and egocentric posts but that goes for most of Facebook doesn't it? I joined some of these Star Wars groups to escape that nonsense on Facebook but it's just the same.

    You've really got it hard for he IC it seems. Just gotta learn to scroll past the BS and don't read into everything on there. If you're looking for good deals on vintage it's the best place around. If you're looking for info, make knowledgeable friends there and PM them to find answers, don't put it out there for the community opinion. Example, if you want to know if an accessory is original or repro don't ask the community. Even if it's 100% original there will always be someone saying repro and vice versa. It's all in the way you learn to navigate to find answers and block out the noise you don't want to hear.

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    "You just watch yourself, we're wanted men! I have the death sentence on twelve systems!"

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    Personally, I like the Imperial Commissary. I've yet to buy, sell or trade in that group; but I see good deals going on; and frequently at that. As a whole, I've found the membership to be generally friendly and positive. I almost never post in the group; but I do check out their posts pretty much daily. I've found that groups with the most obnoxious members are not necessarily groups dedicated entirely to Star Wars; but groups dedicated to vintage toys in general. Put people that all love and are passionate about He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Mask, Thundercats, Centurions, Voltron, etc. all under one roof and you have the dressings for an asylum. "My He-Man could beat the #$%& out of your Lion-O and that's that!!" Unbelievable at times.
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