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Thread: What figures do you refuse to add to your collection?

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    What figures do you refuse to add to your collection?

    I know most collectors are completists by nature but are there any figures you just can't get yourself to spend the money on to add to your collection? I've been collecting since 1996 and I still refuse to buy the Bespin guards and the POTF ewoks. I simply have no interest in getting these figures. However, there was a time when I couldn't resist picking up an original Luke if he happened to be minty white so I have multiples of those figures and a few others. Anybody relate?

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    Blue Snaggletooth. I never was into variants/errors and the price he commands for a mint version going back even to the 90s was more than I would have paid. Now if Hasbro ever makes a facsimile of one in the retro line for $10-15 bucks I might pick one up.

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    There are no figures i refuse to buy, only prices i feruse to pay. Han carbonite was one of he last two figures i needed to complete my collection, i don't like the way he looks and he is rather expensive but last month i ran into him for 15 euro without the carbonite block so i bought him and i'm quite pleased to own him. Pop up R2 is the last on the list and if i find him for under 20 euro he'll complete the set, if not i have no problem living without him.

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    Any ewoks or droids line figures. They were rubbish when they were discounted at .97, and now command crazy prices. They were not part of the original line so my completist ocd is ok without adding those. Once I complete my final 7 potf figures for the set, i will track down the variants and a couple of Jawas. And that's it.

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    Don't have any I wouldn't buy as I have almost all of them minus half the last 17. Some of my least favorites I wouldn't buy anymore duplicates of would be Anakin, Rancor keeper, Prune Face and Imperial Dignitary.

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    I refuse to hunt down what I would describe as insignificant variants, where 2 different factories had just slightly different molds, but barely noticeable. I do have some variants, like big and small head Han, blue saber/snap cape Luke and green saber/stitched cape Luke.

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    Even though there are some figures I don't particularly care for; there are none of the Kenner OT figures I would ever refuse to add to the collection. That being said, I have zero interest in Droids, Ewoks, etc. A complete and total pass every time. I'd only buy them if I found them at some garage sale or the like and would quickly pass them on to collectors who appreciate them in exchange for movie figures I don't have. With the exception of the A-Wing. I'd definitely be happy to add that to my collection.
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    I’ll buy anything if the price is right.
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    Probably none of the Kenner line that I'd refuse to own, but certainly one that I'll be adding last: Amanaman.

    For three reasons:

    - The prices are a bit ridiculous.
    - He looks too much like a snake for me.
    - All snakes must die.

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    Bootlegs I would have never touched three years ago so I would name them. I thought they where trashy and disgraceful.
    However as education on them has gotten awesome due to some really cool books, great research collectors and forums of course their starting to grow on me!
    As there getting super popular I have to admit I see them as the ORIGINAL CUSTOMS!!!!
    So I have one Polish bootleg now I got a few months ago, and maybe many more to go?????

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