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Thread: Fode and Beed introducing Jabba

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    Fode and Beed introducing Jabba

    So what's up with the noise and gesture Fode and Beed make when they announce Jabba has entered the Boonta Eve arena?
    They make this odd alalalalalala sound and gesture as if to say "give it up for Jabba" but they sound so insincere, as if they're mocking him. And that lalala sound is made by the audience as well.
    That's the greeting of respect towards a Hutt ruler?

    I like it, but it is a really odd moment that's never really talked about.

    Also, is Jabba at this point the ruler of Tatooine or merely a local guy with influence who is attending as a guest of honor?
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    I have absolutely nothing to back this up, but I always took the sound he makes as some sort of cheer. And Jabba getting recognition is him being a special guest that starts the race.

    Similar to how celebrities throw out the first pitch at a baseball game or wave the starting flag at a race.

    He's just someone that is well known and is being recognized at a large event.

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    Since many of the designs/costume designs of Mos Espa are heavily influenced by North African and Middle Eastern aesthetic, makes sense that the traditional celebratory “chant” (including the gesture of open palms held up to the sky in praise and respect that the announcer displays) of those ancient cultures are also included: Think of it as the equivalent of the North American woot woot...

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    Fode and Beed to me (along with some of the Pod racers) were peak over the top cartoon for me. Just pushed it too far, beyond even Return of the Jedi standards. They looked like something from Eternia, like a Hannah Barbara animation. They always annoyed me senseless. I get why there's be an announcer. I just an announcer can build up the tension of the race. I actually love the Pod race itself. Just man are they a bad design IMO.
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    Fode and Beed are just one bad design in a litany of bad designs in the prequels really. An absolutely wretched idea that should have been stricken from the script and would have if George hadn't been allowed to run amok with his ideas. As great as that initially sounds, the results were incredibly poor.

    But, their "introducing Jabba" is also a prime example of how those films interfere in the original trilogy. In 'Return of the Jedi' Jabba is JUST a gangster. A powerful hood that resides on Tatooine, where his actions go largely unnoticed by the likes of the Empire. He's known, but he isn't some all powerful ruler or anything like that, which is the impression one can get from that silly scene.

    Maybe he's more powerful in the Republic period, but that makes for even less sense really.

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    ^^^ If you think his big-fish-in-a-little-pond status in TPM is silly— wait till you take a gander at his almighty status in The Clone Wars movie… The jedi and Seperatist need to kowtow to him in order to travel his trade routes, with his kidnapped baby being a main instigator of that story's plot device… He went from head of the Yakuza in the OT/TPM to Kim Jong-un in TCW movie. As eyerolling-worthy as this sounds, it’s still leagues above the insipid blandness of Sequel/Solo, all thanks to Dave’s direction and action sets.

    (The design direction for TPM remains mostly visionary 20 years alter. But therein contains a handful of some of the most stunningly ugly designs ever committed to cinema history: This announcer is obviously one of them— looking like some cheapo knockoff toy designed by a 4yo. And the cheap overly-smooth CG-texturing and animation of this (these?) guy(s) is horrendous. Everything is wrong with this creature— down to the annoying Howard Cosell voice.

    Top 3 ugliest designs from TPM/Prequel: This announcer guy (tied with that Ben guy that looks like a rejected concept for Humpty Dumpty); Boss Nass; and Amidala’s “return to Naboo” Maid Marion costume that looks like a tacky purple satin duvet cover/XXXL muumuu combo.)

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