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Thread: Wishlist for Hasbro Retro Collection

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    Rebel Fleet Trooper
    Rebel Honor Guard
    Death Star Trooper (more or less a black uniformed Death Squad Commander)
    Admiral Piett (or just a grey Imperial Commander)
    Blackhole Stormtrooper
    Han Solo Stormtrooper disguise
    Han Solo AT-ST Driver disguise
    General Dodonna
    Imperial Scanning Crew
    Black Rebel Commando
    Y-Wing Pilot
    Cantina band
    Need Eight TVC VC 65 TIE Fighter Pilot cardbacks.

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    Darth Vader with a removable helmet sculpted as if the figure was made in 1984 and not just a retooled 1977 Vader body with a new head. With a cloth cape and removable lightsaber.
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    Luke (binoculars, with poncho, gilligan hat and long gun)
    Sand trooper

    General Veers

    Darth (removable helmet, detachable hand, maybe with the ESB-style saber.)
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    Star wars is king of the mailer. Wouldn't be surprised to see mail in offers for a couple of non released figures.

    Didn't see slave leia in the wish lists.

    I will add her along with stormtrooper han, wedge, new Droid of some kind and creatures from the cantina.

    Not too sure how many they would do, but at this point, maybe 1 figure per wave would be my guess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by toyman941 View Post

    Didn't see slave leia in the wish lists.
    Slave Leia was definitely on my wish list...and I wouldn't mind seeing the figure produced too.

    Others have mentioned these, but I'd also like to see:

    Biggs - in Academy uniform
    Rebel Fleet trooper
    Garven/Red Leader
    Admiral Motti
    Lt. Pol Treidum or a generic black uniformed imperial officer.

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    I seriously doubt we ever see a slave Leia due to the today's pc climate. Also I wouldn't hold my breath for Droids/Ewoks figures since Disney doesn't even acknowledge that series as canon anymore. If you really want unproduced Droids, Mark Poon makes fantastic versions of these. Also, I would be shocked if they redid all 93 figures will all the peg warmers it would produce. I can see them cherry-picking some more desirable figures to produce though.

    I also only see them making vintage style figures of major characters they know will sell. In other words, no obscure background characters. Yes, I know they made plenty of obscure figures in the original line, but they sold way more toys then than they do now. Just a few of these obscure figures they make that peg warms will probably kill the line altogether.

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    I would like to see a couple different Hoth Rebel soldiers, X wing pilots and Rebel Commandos. Be nice to have some variation instead of the same figure for troop building.

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    Ooo, Caravan of Courage and Battle for Endor. One vintage release I definitely wouldn't mind seeing them re-release is the Droids C3P-0. Secondary prices for that are obscene. I saw a leg go for almost a hundred dollars. That would be one (1) leg from the figure.

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    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    Not a big fan of the “copies”, but the new stuff looks fun! I’d love to see: Gargan, Tonnika Sisters, Princess Kneesa, Mongo Beefhead, Dark Trooper, and a vintage style Mara Jade (not likely, but I’ve can hope).
    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
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