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Thread: Repro Blue Snaggletooth

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    Repro Blue Snaggletooth

    Same guy making the Luke stormtrooper and the Yak face.


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    Looks pretty accurate. Much like his others. Early on I was turned off by these customs, but I'm trying hard not to shun them anymore. I understand where the appeal is in them, especially for those who would like to have one and don't want to pay the hundreds of dollars it typically costs. To me, the blame is sort of on Hasbro for not acknowledging what consumers want and giving it to them. They could've given the fans a cheap blue snag, yak, and stormy luke years ago and prevented a lot of the fake stuff in the market. For that matter, giving us Tarkin and Stormy han years ago would have created a bigger fan base for them. Hasbro, keeps overreaching and overshooting, constantly missing their strike target and ultimately just treading water as a company. I'm babbling now I realize. Any who, I'm trying to be okay with these custom/repro pieces and accept the fact that that's where the market is going as it sprawls in every direction. I'm not giving it my nod of approval, but I will say that I'm trying to be okay with it. It just makes me learn more and become better educated about each aspect I suppose. He is making some pretty convincing pieces though, something that Hasbro should've done years ago.

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    The problem with our hobby is greed. Whenever there is high demand, someone is right behind to make a quick buck. Not even the blaster is legit. I love how the seller states in the description that “these are not to be resold as authentic.” These are going to cause problems down the road.
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    I think this one looks the best, though I still wouldn't pay that price. Interesting that these are all coming out as the Hasbro Retro line is starting to hit as well. Hasbro would be wise to meet the demand on their own, and offer these HTF figures for $10 a pop. Clearly the demand for more affordable vintage style figures has been around for years, though Hasbro was slow to respond - glad they finally are. As much as I'd like to own some of these, I honestly will never pay the prices on ebay for originals, nor the cost of short run "custom" repros.

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    The advertising image features a genuine Blue Snaggletooth.
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    I have a feeling Hasbro might remake this in the retro line somehow if it lasts long enough. This version is really well done however, but I think I will wait and see what Hasbro does first.

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