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Thread: 40333 Battle Of Hoth

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    40333 Battle Of Hoth

    Artfully depicting the climactic moment of the Battle of Hoth, when valiant Rebel snowspeeders failed to halt the advance of Imperial walkers and the impending destruction of the shield generator, this vignette is constructed from 195 pieces and measures approximately 18 cm by 10 cm.

    This set is the May The 4th Be With You (May 3rd to 6th) exclusive for 2019 and comes as a gift with purchase with purchases over US/CAD75, GBP75, EUR75 and AUD199.
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    Great prices on the Lego website made it easy to get up to the $75 CAD required to have this added to my order. Nice touch how they included the 2 reference photos that inspired the set as part of the box graphics. Also great to have an exclusive that is available without having to deal with crashing websites or it only being available for 1 minute before it sells out. Very civilized. Hasbro could take some lessons from Lego.
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    Got this and built it already. It’s a nice little display piece and also got a large poster with my purchase at my local Lego store. has an “art print“ that I thought was going to given away in store. Had to place another order over $35 online for the art print but it’s worth it.
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    Is the in store 'large poster' the same image as the online art print?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pqweeduk View Post
    Is the in store 'large poster' the same image as the online art print?
    I'm pretty sure they're different items but the front image is the same, main difference is the website print is 10x13 and the free poster I picked up at the Lego store today was a big rolled up poster. The poster came in a clear plastic sleeve and you could choose either the red or the blue lightsaber version, the back of the poster is all white except the first 7 or 8 inches that are colored like a lightsaber blade and handle so when it's rolled up, looks like a lightsaber.
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    I built it yesterday too. I love the extremely micro scale sets. The AT-AT looks great.

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