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Thread: Star Wars Pop! PEZ

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    Star Wars Pop! PEZ

    I finally finished my PEZ dispenser collection at Celebration with the glow in the dark Emperor... or so I thought. After my purchase at the show, I turn a corner, only to discover Funko has been making POP! Pez of Star Wars characters.

    Now, I actually don't like POP! figures. I never was into super-deformed anything, so I'm not really digging these. But, if I don't get these, is my Star Wars PEZ dispenser collection now incomplete?

    Naughtiest lines in Star Wars:
    You came in that thing?! You're braver than I thought!
    Luke, at that speed will we be able to pull out in time?
    Back door huh? Good idea.

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    I collect Pops but would never touch these.

    Use this as an opportunity to break your PEZ dispenser addiction. Funko could keep this going forever with every minor variation possible.

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    I collect both pops and some pez but cant get into these either. I feel it's also because I realize the potential to go on forever and I frankly don't need that...

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    Say you were a completist of Hasbro's SW figures. Would that mean you have to include the Star Wars Transformers? Or Mr Potato Head?

    I personally think POP Pez would'n't blend in well with the more realistic Pez that have been around for decades. If you don't collect Pops, you could easily exclude these from your collection. After all, it's not part of the same line, more of a spin-off.

    But in the end, do what feels right to you.
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