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Thread: WTB Various Figure & Vehicles

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    WTB Various Figure & Vehicles

    Hi All. Below is a list of various figs I am currently looking for. Prefer loose & complete. All my purchases will be PayPal G&S or local meet ups in Long Island.

    Agen Kolar Legacy Collection
    Ak-Rex (Max Rebo Band) Legacy Collection
    Arc Trooper (Republic Elite Forces) 30th
    Barris Offee Vintage Collection
    Bespin Guard Vintage Collection
    Biggs Darklighter Black Series 3.75"
    Borsk Feyla Legacy Collection
    Boss Nass Power of the Jedi
    Bubo Saga 2004
    Bultar Swan (Jedi Legacy) Legacy Collection
    Captain Typho Legacy Collection
    Coleman Trebor Legacy
    Colonel Cracken Vintage Collection
    Commando Droid X2 Clone Wars
    Darth Bane Sith Evolutions
    Darth Malak 30th
    Darth Malgus Vintage Collection
    Darth Nihilus Sith Evolutions
    Darth Plagueis Black Series 3.75"
    Darth Revan 30th
    Daultay Dafine Vintage Collection
    Dodo Bodonawieedo PotF
    Dr. Evazan Vintage Collection
    Dred Priest (Elite Forces) 30th
    Droopy Mcool PotF
    Durge 30th
    Eeth Koth Clone Wars
    El-Les Clone Wars
    Endor Rebel Soldier BLK Saga 2006
    Endor Rebel Soldier WHT Saga 2006
    Ephant Mon Saga 2002
    Even Piell Clone Wars
    Fargo Argyus Clone Wars
    Fi-Ek Sirch Vintage Collection
    Finnis Valorum Phantom Menace
    Fode & Beed Phantom Menace
    General Madine OTC
    General Riekeen Saga Collection 2006
    Genosian Warrior Legacy Collection
    Giran Legacy Collection
    Gonk Droid Vintage Collection
    Grand Moff Tarkin Vintage Collection
    Hermi Odle 30th
    HK-47 KotOR Legacy Collection
    Hondo Ohnaka Clone Wars
    Hoth Trooper X2 (Defense of Hoth) Shadow of the Dark Side
    Imperial Evo Trooper Force Unleashed
    J'Quille Saga 2004
    Jan Dodonna Saga 2004
    Jarael KotOR Legacy Collection
    Jek Porkins Movie Heroes
    Jocasta Nu Vintage Collection
    Jodo Kast Legacy Collection
    Juno Eclipse 30th
    K'Kruhk Legacy Collection
    Kabe Saga Collection 2006
    Klaatu Vintage Collection
    Kyle Katarn Legacy Collection
    Lama Su Saga 2003
    Llats Wars (Republic Elite Forces) Legacy Collection
    Lobot Saga Collection 2006
    Logray Vintage Collection
    Lot Dod Saga 2002
    Luminara Unduli Clone Wars
    Magnaguard Droid Vintage Collection
    Mandalorian Warrior w/ speeder Clone Wars
    Mandalorian Warrior X3 Clone Wars
    Mas Amedda RotS
    Massif w/ Tusken Saga 2002
    Max Rebo PotF
    Mon Calamari Warrior Clone Wars
    Mon Mothma RotS
    Montross Legacy Collection
    Muftak PotF
    Naboo Pilot Vintage Collection
    Naboo Royal Guard Vintage Collection
    Nahdar Vebb Clone Wars
    Nien Nunb Vintage Collection
    Nikto Gunner Legacy Collection
    Nom Anor Vintage Collection
    Nute Gunray Saga 2003
    Oola Shadow of the Dark Side
    Owen Lars Legacy
    Pablo Jill Black Series 3.75"
    Poggle the Lesser Saga Collection 2006
    Probe Droid
    Quarenn Soldier Clone Wars
    Rahm Kota 30th
    Rancor Keepr Legacy
    Rappertunie (Max Rebo) Saga 2004
    Rebel Fleet Trooper X4 Vintage Collection
    Rebel Vanguard Trooper 30th
    Republic Trooper Black Series 3.75"
    Ric Olie Vintage Collection
    Rodian Jedi Legacy Collection
    Saesee Tin Clone Wars
    Sebulba Discover the force
    Senate Commando/Captain Clone Wars
    Senate Guard Vintage Collection
    Shaak Ti Force Unleashed
    Shadow Guard 30th
    Shadow Stormtrooper X3 30th
    Shae Vizla Vintage Collection
    Stass Alie Legacy Collection
    Storm Commando w/ speeder bike Legacy
    Sy Snootles (Max Rebo) PotF
    Talon Karde Legacy
    Tarados Gon Legacy
    Tholme Legacy
    Trinto Duaba Legacy
    Ugnaught w/ freezing chamber Legacy
    Vilmarh Grahk 30th
    Voolfif Monn 30th
    Watto Legacy
    Wedge Antilles Black Series 3.75"
    Weequay Vintage Collection
    Wullf Yularen Clone Wars
    Xizor Legacy
    Yoda Shadow of the Dark Side
    Yuuzhan Vong Legacy

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    I have several figures in my For Sale thread:

    If you're still looking for most of these, LMK. Thanks.
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    My Feedback: *Attention* My entire remaining ME SW (3.75 and 6 inch scale) collection is up for sale in the Classifieds section of this site. Stop by and pick something up. TVC Barge populace figures etc!

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