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Thread: Focus Collectors

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    I have a rather small collection, but ended up with a focus of snowtrooper. It's a great character and art. Only thing being that it often yellows, and key pieces are locked up, which is an issue with most characters. But I would say there are some late ROTJ characters and Ewoks that is possible to build a crazy cool focus of, even today.
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    I focus on stages more than pieces however, I wish I did it different. I was going for my figures all loose and ships, vehicles and playsets if they came up on a good deal. I was ignoring mailers for some strange reason and had them last on my focus. Mailers more than doubled since I started and with the exception of a few figures, they pretty much remained the same as far as price goes.
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    I decided on the first ever figure I had bought for me as a kid back in 1982, the mighty Zuckuss!

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    I have managed to hang onto my Jabba Focus minus the prototype head I had that really never did much for me, as well as the gamorrean guards. Only need the potf version to complete that set so it may be a while.
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