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Thread: Mark Hamill is the new 2019 Chucky voice

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    Mark Hamill is the new 2019 Chucky voice

    Mark Hamill is the new voice of Chucky for the upcoming 2019 movie. Aubrey Plaza from the Sitcom Parks and Rec is the new Mom. They're going with an evil technology gone wrong vibe now instead of the original movie storyline. It looks pretty good and I'll be seeing it in June. Thoughts?

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    The trailer was a swing and a miss for me. Mostly the tech gone wrong thing. Cast looks good though.

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    as long as he doesn't sound too much like the Joker.

    he's currently in this thing called Knightfall , and I find it distracting every time he speaks -- I just hear the Joker. is this the only voice he can do?>
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    Chucky sounds like the Joker... not a fan
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    Saw the movie and actually really enjoyed it. The humor worked out surprisingly well and was balanced out with the horror/suspense. They also put their whole new angle with him being alive as opposed to the magic in the original which I respect for the originality. 9/10 for what it was, an entertaining horror movie.

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