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Thread: Sideshow Rancor statue ???

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    Sideshow Rancor statue ???

    Read on Statue Forum that on today's SSL video David Igo SSC Art Director showed off a Rancor statue. No one has gotten a screeb grab yet that I have noticedi if this is corretc

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    I have the gentle giant version.. It's very detailed..

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    They didn't show it off, they leaked it on accident. Nothing specific was revealed.

    Thinking it might be a scaled statue or a bust.
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    I have the Rancor statue Gentle Giant made and also have the exclusive diorama/statue with Luke and the gamorrean guard that Sideshow produced a few years ago. That said, I would consider this leaked out version of the Rancor if the pose is good. But, being a 1/4 scale sculpt, I'm sure it will be quite tall and will have to see where to display it.
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