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Thread: Display Stands for Vintage Collections

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    Display Stands for Vintage Collections

    I've seen overtime some wonderful displays of Vintage figures/vehicles through the years. Many on this forum!

    Do you have suggestions on how to display figures/vehicles and what stands you use to do so? Acrylic? Customs? Preferred sellers?

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    I use the Star Stands from Iain's Display Accessories. They had a booth at Star Wars Celebration and have stands for ships and diecasts. Good stuff!

    I bought some acrylic stairs somewhere online for my figures.

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    From Iain I really like the ones that hold a Kenner or Palitoy stickers on them.

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    I use this 3 tier acrylic stand from the container store for some of my 3.75 figures. $15 so they are affordable.

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    I have all sorts of display stands - for loose figures, ships and also the tiered steps - if you'd like more info then feel free to drop me a PM

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