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Thread: "SPIDER MAUL" created by Darth Daddy

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    "SPIDER MAUL" created by Darth Daddy

    This action figure was lying about the house, unfinished for far too long. We are so thankful for our YouTube show with Peak-OB1 Custom Creations called "Customizing The Clone Wars" because it pushes us to complete unfinished projects that we desperately wanted to get done. This was one of those very projects.

    Hidden beneath all the scraps of ProCreate, Green Stuff and plastic scraps is part of a B'Omarr Monk action figure that we affixed with a 100% sculpted Darth Maul head on top of a torso that were both created by Darth Daddy attached by a hidden articulated limb that was surrounded by plastic strips securely wrapped in skinny hockey tape bandages cut by hand. Once the spider body was wrapped in wire, and weathered with cinnamon that was applied to metal body of the figure.

    created by Darth Daddy

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    This looks like an incredible amount of work - all this detail! The look of the mentally unstable, full of rage Maul is captured masterfully One of the best versions of him I've seen by far.

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