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Thread: Color Change Droid Factory

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    Quote Originally Posted by R1G4R3PO View Post
    yeah that's how the back of the packages read and imply. I was curious if while the droid is given color, if spraying it w/ (i'm just spit-balling here) clear lacquer or finish would preserve that color scheme. I have a can of clear finish that I got to put a finish on custom figures to prevent paint chips, fading etc
    Probably not I would guess. A laquer might protect the paint from wear, but I imagine the color change will still work through it.

    You could go with a temperature controlled display case! lol The better half might have a fit if I put up a display in the freezer though!

    I do think this set is great because it can be a permanent set always available and they can keep bringing out droids. With the introduction of the Gonk, I could see build a gonks too. Some cool accessories possibilities for them.

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    Has anyone done photos/reviews of these sets yet? I'm curious to see more but it's one of the only galaxy's edge products I haven't seen anyone talk about much...
    Hasbro, hear my plea for the Rickshaw Droid!
    Current top five most wanted: rickshaw droid, Kalyn farnmir, veedaaz awmeth, toonbuck toora, BD-3000 "Betty droid".
    My feedback thread:

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    And the ones I want the most!

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    Photos can be seen at the link above. If collectors get wind that a blue Gonk is being released in this set, it'll surely cause some noise, as the original Kenner color pattern hasn't been released to date. Its not an exact match, but it might be the closest that's done, considering Disney has beat Hasbro to it. I'm honestly a bit surprised that this is all that's being offering in the 3.75 range for this new attraction. Apparently no Disney Build-A-Droid / Droid Factory line either? Thought that was a staple for the Disney Star Wars experience...

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    The Build a droid ( R unit and Protocol) is still intact at Star Trader at the Star Tours gift shop in Tomorrow Land. Went there on the 10th, during GE previews, nothing new though in the BAD assortment that I could see. Hopefully we will see a build a Gonk someday.

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    I ended up getting the two sets for 95 shipped from ebay. Slightly more than retail, but figuring in tax and shipping that wasn’t too bad. Now I’ll just need the playset.

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    ^'re the one that out bid me at last minute LOL J/K

    Let us know how stable the colors are when displayed in the mid range. 64-86 F according to this description: The recommended temperature mentioned on the packaging for the color change to occur is 86 to 107.6 Fahrenheit (30 - 42 Celsius) and 32 - 64 Fahrenheit (0 - 18 Celsius)--such as warming up one droid, cooling another then displaying both at room temp (72 F/23 C))

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    I made an offer to a guy I bought a ton of droids from in the past. I want the damned playset now haha. I’ll post a review when I get them and test the color change. I read elsewhere they stay the coll you change them last (in stable temperatures)

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    ^awesome pics. So I see you got a mix of "warm" and "cold" droids together. How does the colors on the RA and 3P0 and white CZ compare to 2017 BaD version, in regards to shade and also the black R4 compared to older BaD markings
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