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Thread: FT: Vintage

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    FT: Vintage


    If you are looking for some MOC please let me know what you have for trade/sale.

    Looking for:

    R5 20

    H reb 31
    l bespin 31
    lando 31
    bespin guard 31

    h leia 41

    zuckuss 47
    Tie pilot 47

    gam guard 65

    emperor 77

    Also looking for sonic landspeeder in box. Any 3 packs or 6 packs!


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    Only one response. These are great pieces and I will accept offers. I will add a moc 20 back DSD with a small sticker tear on front to the list also. Just PM me for pictures. B/S/T

    I have found last 17 han carb and luke poncho.

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    Adding fan club posters from 1997 - no holes rips or tears. Great condition!

    sando cantina
    gathering of bounty hunters (3500)
    3 1997 re-release ANH/ESB/rotj
    30th anniversary


    Denver 1999 celebration poster

    make offer - ship 6.00


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    how much for the loose paploo w weapon?

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    Bump. Added new figs that I am looking for to buy or trade!


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