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Thread: EFX's Darth Vader "Pyre" Helmet (Melted Helmet)

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    EFX's Darth Vader "Pyre" Helmet (Melted Helmet)

    EFX is finally selling Darth Vader's "Pyre" helmet via their website;

    Price is $1,599.00 w/o shipping.

    My questions are as follow;

    1) The listing says this helmet will be "LIMITED" and numbered plaque that specifies its limted number, will be included upon purchase. However, EFX neglected to mention HOW MANY they are producing. The "cart" only allows us to add 242 Darth Vader helmets. I assume the helmet is limited to 500 and around half are available via website and another 250 sold via conventions and direct sales? Could anyone clarify?

    2) Definitely cheaper than Prop Replica's $5,000 helmet. If EFX's Pyre Helmet quality is equivalent to Prop Replica's, should I get it? Would you get it?
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    Good points raised. I don’t think anyone but EFX will be able to clarify the “limited” issue. Seems similar to what Sideshow does. Some things are numbered editions, some are just “limited.” Available until they aren’t.

    It is cheaper. Doesn’t come in a ridiculous wooden box, and doesn’t have the silly microchip thing. Also not made by people claiming to be the prop makers from the film’s like the Prop Shop one was. Price seems fair to me, but I want to see better pictures to be sure that the level of detail is nearly that of the Prop Shop one. What I’ve seen looks a little soft.

    For this price, I’m interested, even considering the fact that I already own one (an excellent fan made piece by MasterEdi). I love the design of this prop. Very curious what the “themed” base is. The base of the Prop Shop replica was one of its weak points in my opinion.

    All that said I would be a little surprised if this sells out quickly. We’ll see. I’d be more tempted if Sideshow offered it as a distributor, which seems possible given that they’d advertised it when EFX first announced it a year or so ago.
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    I saw it at Celebration this weekend, snapped a few pics

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    I think you guys are full of crap about this swapping thing going on. How we do know its not you that you're doing the swapping yourself?

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    This is more of an timed edition. However many are ordered by certain date I believe will be made up to that point.

    They combined the screen used and the digital file to come up with this. It will be more accurate detailed at release.

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    May I ask what you mean about the timed edition? I have never heard that term before.

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    just can’t see paying $1600 for a melted Vader helmet that was barely used for 30 seconds in TFA

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    I like this. But it is advertised a 3D printed. Ok,..... 3D printed material doesn't exactly lasts long from what I read? My friend actually held the Prop Shop one which is 3D printed and its pretty underwelming feeling really light.

    It being light is fine with me. Just don't want to plonk 1.6 grand to know that the material will disintegrate in a couple years.

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    Timed edition is when something is put out for ordering and closed within a certain date. All orders within that time are what the final edition is. So if in a couple months only 300 are ordered let’s say, then that’s the edition size.

    This is will not be 3D printed. EFX knows 3D materials don’t last long and are too porous. This is based on the 3D scan and screen used version. Will be more detailed and painted better. 100%.

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    Those timed editions are done by XM Studios most of the time.
    In the end you exactly know how many people were actually interested in the collectable.
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