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Thread: No new Hot Toys?

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    I’m guessing the Death Star Squad dude will be announced very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedisquared View Post
    I’m guessing the Death Star Squad dude will be announced very soon.

    What makes you think that? We've been waiting on that one forever, along with the Power Droid and half a dozen other reveals in the last 2 years. I don't think anything will change with them anytime soon unfortunately.
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    I would really like to see the Death Star Trooper to be finally released, but I have no high hopes for him, neither for most of the other reveals shown by HT long ago

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    This line seems to be dead for now. They have had chances to reveal new items but just don't. Not sure what they are waiting for.
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    Well I guess we won't be seeing anything from Sideshow or Hot Toys today either. With them being a no show at Celebration last month, some of us were hoping we might get something today (May the 4th). Guess not

    SDCC better have some nice new reveals. Or preferrably the preorders finally for Hot Toys Endor Leia, Power Droid, and the Death Star Trooper, as well as Sideshow's Skiff Guard Lando.
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    Sideshow 1/6 Star Wars Licence looks to be dead in the water with no new announcement for nearly a year and only one prototype revealed (Lando). Hot Toys haven't been really keen to celebrate Star Wars milestones and it's especially true with Star Wars day. I gotta say i didn't hold my breath for a reveal. Hopefully though, i really wish we'll get a couple more OT/PT announcements before they start revealing TROS prototypes.

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    Bespin Han is my bet on the next revealed figure. It would be very strange to not release him after Leia was made available.
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    I read somewhere on FB that Hasbro and SSC has not been able to continue the licence for one reason or another. I really cant see that being true. Disney probably just doubled the fees and they are in negotiations. Hopefully aggressive ones with light sabers.... sorry I'm ashamed that I kind of quoted ummm what was that AOTC? Which ever lol.

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    Interesting. The license goes through 2020, but with the lead time HT has, they won't have much time left in their release schedule. I wonder if they'll run some repeats at the end, if the license doesn't get renewed.

    On the other hand, HT was a sublicense from Hasbro, so maybe they'll cut a deal with Disney on their own.
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    If these prices go up any more then I am out. I have trouble now paying for this stuff.
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