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Thread: No new Hot Toys?

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    No new Hot Toys?

    I thought this celebration thing would reveal new Hot Toys items? Is this only a Hasbro thing?
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    We don't know yet. Yesterday was kind of a warming lap. Most of the reveals will take place today. Crossing fingers.

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    OK, Thanks! I am hoping for the Baze to finally be made but I will welcome anything new.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
    -Darth Vader

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    Does Sideshow even have a booth at Celebration?
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    Well. There's been contradictory reports. First rumors a couple days ago of Sideshow not attending, then attending, then not attending now. Confusing...

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    Very disappointing that nothing new was revealed. Maybe these celebrations aren't so great anymore?
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
    -Darth Vader

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    It's a real head scratcher that Sideshow didn't attend celebration. Too few prototypes and recently released products to display from their own company and Hot Toys being fully focused on Avengers might be an explanation.

    Still, it doesn't feel like this Celebration is really bringing the level of excitement we got in the last couple ones. Teaser for TROS was good but panel felt bland. Galaxy's Edge, though very promising didn't bring much more to the table that we already knew. Jedi Fallen Order, though very promising and reminiscent to 1313 remains a video game and not necessarily has the power to fire up emotions like a new motion picture does. Rebels panel did miss the mark on nostalgia with two prominent cast members missing. Overall, the whole event is lacking a central figure to orchestrate everything and give it consistence. There's no real top tier character from the franchise around for the whole event to bind all the panels together.

    Up to now, the only real highlight was the Mandalorian panel and even there, they weren't able to reveal much and also limited their most important teaser to the people actually attending Celebration blocking streaming for the whole 3 minutes it lasted. Hopefully , Clone Wars panel will have some more excitement to bring tonight.

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    Clone Wars and The Mandolorian panels were by far my favorite, we didn't learn much about TM but the passion Favreau and Filoni was showing was evident and definitely peaked my interest in the show. Thank goodness those clips leaked online lol.

    Even if HT and SS weren't at Celebration, you'd think they'd take this opportunity to show new possible products on their websites, but nothing. Sideshow is unfortunately a shell of what they used to be, their LS Yoda shows they can put great product out too.
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    Seems really dead right now with no new announcements from Hot Toys or sideshow. Not that I have any extra money but it is strange that they aren't even dropping a surprise figure on us.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
    -Darth Vader

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    We might get a reveal to celebrate may 4th but everyone's focus is on Avengers: End Game right now.

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