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Thread: What's your Favourite Starifghter?

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    What's your Favourite Starifghter?

    After seeing all the various LEGO Star Wars ships based on ones from the actual movies, I thought I'd share with you folks some of my favourite starfighters from the saga (including one from the old EU before the Disney times). The Millennium Falcom may be my top-fave ship next to the Republic Cruiser (even though it got blown up onboard the Trade Federation control ship), but starfighters are just as awesome and exciting, so I thought I'd share some of my faves

    1. A-Wing Fighter
    I can remember seeing this in ROTJ and it looks pretty impressive. It may not have an astromech port like some fighters (which I'll get to momentarily), but it's awesome with its ramming action like a spearhead or a bullet or a throwing dagger - a last resort, I may call it.
    2. - Jedi Starfighter (EPISODE II)
    This badboy is what I would consider one of the best than the later versions seen in ROTS. The pop-out wings revealing secret guns was kind of a fun gimmick for the toy, but the LEGO version portrays the starfighter best in my opinion.
    3. Y-Wing Fighter
    After seeing this alongside the X-Wing Fighter, the Y-Wing is an impressive bomber and what I consider a mini-gunship with the laser cannon on top of the canopy. Don't get me wrong, but I still love it for all the right reasons; the company of an astromech droid, airstrike on Imperial outposts, all that stuff.
    4. E-Wing Fighter (Old EU)
    Sure, this vehicle may be forgotten now that Disney owns the rights to Lucasfilm, but let's never forget how awesome this EU vehicle is! It may not have been as popular as the X-Wing Fighter, but I like it because of its sleekness and boxy style.
    5. U-Wing Fighter (Rogue One)
    Not so much a starfighter, more of a troop transporter and the variations on it still boggle me, but who cares? LEGO did it much better than Hasbro. I have both versions, but the LEGO one is by far superior.
    6. General Grievous Starfighter
    I know it wasn't on-screen for very long, but it's similar to the Naboo Fighter but it's almost reminiscent of it and looks pretty sleek in design and its firepower packs a punch.
    7. Naboo Starfighter
    Yes, you saw it coming - I owned both a LEGO and Hasbro version of these vehicles as a kid (well, my brother owned the LEGO version originally). I still have it somewhere and I need to clear some space anyway.
    8. V-Wing Fighter
    This one I have seen in ROTS and I kinda like it as it is also reminiscent of the A-Wing and TIE Fighters from the original trilogy. Those things I like over the Jedi Starfighters from ROTS any day.
    9. ARC-170 Fighter
    It's no doubt that these bad-boys are reminiscent of the Rebel Alliance X-Wing Fighters. Although I never owned one when they first came out, they looked quite impressive though I did enjoy the Jedi Starfighters from ROTS a lot more when Episode III came out. I was only 14 and teetering on adolescence in my secondary school years. Maybe, one day, I'll consider getting a LEGO ARC-170 someday.
    10. Z-95 Headhunter
    This one I liked when I first saw a pic of it. I never thought LEGO or Hasbro would ever make such a starfighter as this, but when TCW comeback series came around, I was taken aback and bewildered about how this bad-boy would fit into the universe this being an EU vehicle.The original version of this vehicle I like, but the Clone Wars version - it's okay, I guess.

    So, what are your favourite starfighters? I'd love to hear from y'all which ones you like the most.

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    1. Y-Wing
    2. Jedi Starfighter AotC
    3. X-Wing
    4. Naboo Starfighter
    5. A-Wing
    6. Tie interceptor
    7. V-Wing
    8. B-Wing
    9. ARC-170
    10. E-Wing

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthwalls View Post
    1. Y-Wing
    2. Jedi Starfighter AotC
    3. X-Wing
    4. Naboo Starfighter
    5. A-Wing
    6. Tie interceptor
    7. V-Wing
    8. B-Wing
    9. ARC-170
    10. E-Wing
    Wow, nice choices!

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    1. X-wing (T-65)
    2. Snowspeeder
    3. A-wing (RZ-1)
    4. TIE Fighter
    5. TIE Interceptor
    6. TIE Defender
    7. TIE Bomber
    8. E-wing
    9. Y-wing
    10. Z-95 (Legends)

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    1) A-wing - I like that it's small and fast. I like the idea of packing in as much engine and firepower into as small a ship as possible. To me it's the most "realistic" design for a starfighter.
    2) B-wing - I like that it's an interesting non-symmetric design with lots of firepower. A Mon-Cal design that is very alien looking. Checks all the right boxes for me.
    3) X-wing - the classic favorite that to me is the space equivalent of a military jet fighter.
    4) U-wing - I have always like ships like this that can be an assault craft as well as a trooper carrier. I've heard others refer to it as the Blackhawk helicopter of the Star Wars universe. That was my first thought as well when seeing the design.
    5) Anakin's modified Delta 7B Jedi Starfigher - I like that's basically a hot rod version of the regular Jedi Starfighter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RomanXKnight View Post
    My favorite? The last one.
    100% YES!!!!

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