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Thread: FS: Canadian Carded Figures

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    FS: Canadian Carded Figures

    GDE C3PO-$3500
    SW Luke 12 – $3500
    SW Death Star Droid 20 offerless – $600
    SW R2-D2 12 creased – $1200
    ESB Leia original multipack damage –$500
    ESB Luke (blond) – $1000
    SW Leia 12 – $1500
    ESB Chewbacca yellow bubble – $500
    SW Luke 20 creasing – $2200
    ESB FX-7 – $500
    ESB Lando – $500
    ESB Yoda – $700
    ESB 45 Black Bespin Guard – $350
    ESB Imperial Commander – $400
    ESB 45 AT AT Commander – $500
    ESB IG-88 – $500
    ESB Bespin Luke (blonde) – $1200
    ESB Han Hoth multipack – $400
    ESB Lobot yellow bubble – $400
    ESB Rebel Commander SK offer sticker damage – $400
    ESB Bespin Guard – $500
    ESB Dengar SK offer crushed bubble –$700
    ESB Rebel Soldier – $500
    ESB Snowtrooper 4-LOM offer – $900
    ESB Leia Hoth SK offer yellow bubble -$800
    ESB 21-B SK offer –$700
    ESB Ugnaught offerless crushed bubble – $600
    ROTJ General Madine – $300
    ROTJ Darth Vader yellow bubble – $800
    ROTJ B-Wing Pilot yellow bubble – $250
    ROTJ 77 Biker Scout –$700
    ROTJ 77 Stormtrooper – $550
    ROTJ Leia Boushh – $700
    ROTJ Leia Poncho – $300
    ROTJ 77 Boba Fett – $2500
    ROTJ 8D8 – $300
    ROTJ Removable Limbs C-3PO – $400
    ROTJ Luke X-Wing Pilot – $500
    ROTJ Squid Head sticker damage – $400
    ROTJ R2-D2 Sensorscope bubble crushed –$400
    ROTJ 77 TIE Fighter Pilot – $700
    ROTJ Pruneface –$300
    ROTJ Rancor keeper – $300
    ROTJ Klaatu –$400
    ROTJ Klaatu Skiff –$350
    ROTJ Gamorrean Guard bubble damage – $200
    ROTJ NN offer Ree Yees – $400
    ROTJ Nikto – $300
    ROTJ 77 Bib Fortuna – $250
    ROTJ Admiral Ackbar – $400
    ROTJ Lumat – $300
    ROTJ Emperor – $400
    ROTJ 65 Emperor’s Royal Guard – $500
    ROTJ Paploo – $300
    ROT AT-ST Driver – $300
    ROTJ 77 Logray – $300
    ROTJ Wicket – $400
    ROTJ Chief Chirpa – $400
    ROTJ Teebo – $250

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    Pm me or email me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by vintagetrucker View Post
    Pm me or email me at

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    Email sent. Thank you.

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    Holy - that's a lot of nice cards ...
    You got mail - for Chief Chirpa.
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    Hi Mark, sent you a few emails. We were having a conversation about a MOC and then it went silent. Please reply, thank you.

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    Has anyone heard from Mark as we were in the middle of talks on a MOC and he's gone silent since Fri 05/04/2019 23:57 (UK time)?
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    Updated sold list

    Star Wars
    12-back Pyramid D logo C3PO-$3500
    12-back B AFA 80 Luke Skywalker-$3500
    12-back A R2D2 (creased) – $1200
    12-back A UKG 50% Princess Leia-$1500
    20-back Luke Skywalker-Sold
    20-back Death Star Droid offerless – $600

    Empire Strikes Back
    41-back Luke Skywalker (blond)-$1000
    41-back Chewbacca (yellow bubble)-Sold
    31-back FX-7– $500
    41-back Princess Leia (original multipack damage)-$500
    31-back Lando Calrissian-$500
    41-back Leia Hoth Outfit-Sold
    47-back AFA 80 Imperial Stormtrooper (4-LOM offer) – $900
    41-back Han Hoth Outfit (multipack)-$400
    41-back Lobot(yellow bubble)-$400
    31-back Rebel Soldier Hoth Gear-Sold
    41-back IG-88-Sold
    41-back Imperial Commander-$400
    41-back Luke Bespin (blonde)-Sold
    45-back AT-AT Commander-$500
    41-back Dengar (SK offer crushed bubble)-$700
    31-back Yoda-$700
    45-back Black Bespin Security Guard-$350
    31-back White Bespin Security Guard (creased)-$500
    41-back Rebel Commander (SK offer sticker damage)-$400
    41-back Ugnaught (offerless crushed bubble)-$600
    41-back 2-1B (SK offer) –$700

    Return Of The Jedi
    77-back Boba Fett-Sold
    77-back Darth Vader (yellow bubble)-$800
    77-back Stormtrooper-$550
    77-back R2-D2 Sensorscope (bubble crushed)-$400
    77-back C-3PO Removable Limbs-$400
    77-back Han Solo Trench Coat-$300
    77-back AFA 80 Leia Combat Poncho-$300
    65-back Leia Boushh Disguise-Sold
    77-back Luke X-wing Pilot-$500
    77-back Biker Scout–Sold
    65-back 8D8-$300
    65-back Squid Head (sticker damage)-$400
    65-back General Madine-$300
    77-back B-wing Pilot (yellow bubble)-$250
    77-back Imperial Tie Fighter Pilot-$700
    65-back Prune Face–$300
    65-back Admiral Ackbar-$400
    65-back Emperors Royal Guard-$500
    77-back AT-ST Driver-$300
    65-back Ree-Yees-$400
    77-back Bib Fortuna-$250
    77-back Emperor-$400
    65-back Gamorrean Guard-Sold
    77-back Rancor Keeper-$300
    65-back Klaatu–$400
    65-back Klaatu Skiff Guard–$350
    65-back Nikto-$300
    77-back Lumat-Sold
    77-back Paploo-$300
    65-back Chief Chirpa-$400
    77-back Logray Medicine Man-Sold
    77-back Teebo-$250
    77-back Wicket W. Warrick-$400

    Star Wars
    Death Star Space Station-Sold
    SW Millennium Falcon (not complete)-Sold
    Land of the Jawas-Sold
    X-wing Fighter- Sold
    Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter- $250
    Landspeeder (red stripe stickers)- Sold
    Tie Fighter-Sold
    Cantina Adventure Set-Sold
    Creature Cantina (missing cardboard)-Sold
    Radio Controlled R2D2- $150
    Darth Vader Bop Bag-Sold
    R2D2 Bop Bag-Sold

    Empire Strikes Back
    Darth Vader Star Destroyer- $300
    Imperial Attack Base (damaged box)- $100
    ESB Millennium Falcon (not complete)-Sold
    AT-AT (first release – damaged box)-Sold
    Droid Factory (missing R2-damaged box)-$175
    Gun Turrent and Probot Playset-Sold
    Twin Pod Cloud Car- $200
    Patrol Dewback-Sold
    Imperial Troop Transporter- Sold
    Slave 1-Sold
    Dagobah Playset- Sold
    Scout Walker- $200

    Return Of The Jedi
    Ewok Village- $200
    ROTJ Millennium Falcon-Sold
    Speeder Bike – $175
    Chewbacca Bandolier Strap- $100
    Jabba the Hut Playset-$150
    Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band-$300
    The Force Lightsaber(green)-Sold
    The Force Lightsaber(red)- Sold

    Diecast SW Landspeeder (POP missing)-Sold
    Diecast Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter-Sold
    Diecast Y-wing-Sold

    Micro ESB Death Star World-$250
    Micro Bespin World-Sold
    Micro Hoth World-$300
    Micro Hoth Generator Attack-Sold
    Micro Bespin Control Room-Sold

    Mini Rigs
    ESB Vehicle Maintenance Energizer-Sold
    MTV-7- $80
    INT-4- $80
    CAP-2- Sold
    ROTJ Endor Forest Ranger- $125
    ISP-6- $125
    AST-5- Sold
    Desert Sail Skiff- $200

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