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Thread: Need help with value for rare piece.

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    Need help with value for rare piece.

    I'm looking for any sort of thoughts on potential value for a Star Wars R5-D4, carded 20 back with the red bar variant.
    I can find sales for loose figures with the variant and for carded figures without the red bar, but have yet to come across any value info for carded figures with the red bar.
    Bubble is in fine shape, card does have a couple of small creases and figure is obviously mint. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for the help!

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    I would guess 1000 to 1500- varies on the condition of the card and bubble. Oli probably would have a good idea

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    ungraded is probably $1500 but I wouldn't be surprised to see it go for 2000 depending on condition.

    wait did you say 20 back ? I'd have to check I don't remember seeing a red bar 20 back before I've seen plenty of 21 back red bars but don't recall seeing a 20 back before that might be worth more if it's a 20 back not a 21 back.

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    Thanks for the response and yes, it is a 21 back, not 20 - poor typing! You mentioned you've seen plenty of the 21 backs, was that in person or online? I've searched and checked a bunch of different sites but could never find reference to one.

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    I have a 21-back red bar I bought a few years ago ungraded for about $1500 I sent it to CAS and it came back an 85+ 85/85/85 which was way higher than I expected because there are some minor issues on the back. Last year I sold a red bar 77 back AFA 60 due to litho damage from a poor price tag removal for $1000 for another reference.

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    Mine is a 21-A I have also seen 21-C red bars on line. ESB red bars appear to be the most rare. Maybe Oli can shed some light on which cards red bars are known to be on.

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