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Thread: 3.75" THE FORCE AWAKENS "GENERAL LEIA ORGANA" created by Customs for the Kid

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    Great work on Leia, Customsforthekid!!! As always, your work shows great parts and painting, thank you for taking the time to share! Keep them coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patrickdurfee View Post
    Im not forcing ANYONE to make the same figure.

    Chill out
    You're the one in another guy's thread whining about his method and bizarrely trying to make yourself into some half-***** martyr. Nobody is trying to force you to make it his way. You stated your way, he told you why he didn't do that, and you flipped out. If anybody needs to chill out, it's you. Plus, you have yet to show us how "great" your figure looks. You're offering absolutely nothing here but whining about people shooting for accuracy. Get over it and put up or shut up.
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    Yet another home run! Your kit-bashing skills rival Chewie, and sculpting/painting is always stellar
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    Man, I was just looking at this again. Totally envy your customizing abilities. Keep it up man, always good to see your work.
    Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?

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