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Thread: Custom Snowspeeder Pilot Hobbie and Sullustan A-wing Pilot

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    Custom Snowspeeder Pilot Hobbie and Sullustan A-wing Pilot

    A few quick customs here. I ended up making a proper Snowspeeder Hobbie, and a Sullustan A-wing pilot which was from a deleted scene in ROTJ.



    Head & Helmet: Hobbie Klivian (30th Anniversary Collection - X-wing Rogue Squadron #25)
    Body: Dak Ralter (The Black Series)

    The boil and pop method used on this figure. Then dremeled out the neck until it was able to fit securely on the neck post. No modification done to the neck post.



    Head: Ten Nunb (The Legacy Collection - Evolutions Rebel Pilot Legacy)
    Body: Jake Farrell (The Legacy Collection - Rebel Pilot Legacy III)
    Helmet: Ten Numb (POTF2 Rebel Pilot Cinema Scene)

    This was just a simple head swap and some painting. I did a little dremeling to the inside of the figure's head, as I didn't want it sitting too high on the neck post. I painted the neck post, and dry brushed some color to the front of his face. I dropped some tacky material inside the head to tighten it up when placed on the neck post. I also painted the tacky material so it would match the color of the neck post. i left the helmet alone as it looked screen accurate. The original color seemed to match the one seen in the deleted scene.

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    Those look great!
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    Nicely done. I like them a lot. Thanks for posting.
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