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Thread: FS Cody 1/5 “Order 66”

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    FS Cody 1/5 “Order 66”

    Adult owned, bought new. Displayed in smoke/sunlight free environment. Includes original box, packaging, COA. Pics available upon request.

    $225+25usd in cont.US

    thanx and MTFBWY.
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    Had all of the Cody statues myself & they were painful to part with, well worth the money to whoever is pondering this one, you won’t regret getting it.
    "Look Sir, Droids"

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    It really is stunning and date I say, with no bias, the best piece I’ve seen from Attakus.

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    If anyone’s interested I do have this up on EBay for a little more, if your interested and would prefer to buy on EBay just message me and I’ll give you the price from RS. I know sometimes ppl feel more secure that way.

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