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Thread: Assorted collection please help

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    Assorted collection please help

    Hi All -
    Just wondering if I have anything of real value before I pass these along to the little one. I'm sure you've never seen a post like this before!
    Hope this link works ok please let me know if not.

    Thanks so much for your time!

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    Your Luke skywalker is the Brown haired variant. And in your Battlestar Galactica set you have a Baltar. Both of those are worth Sparing from any more play. As for value check Ebay completed sales. Brown haired Lukes sell well and are rather hot at the moment.There are a few uncommon figures too. The Leias are ok too but acessories are what mostly drives the value for her. Also look closely at your sandpeople or Tuskin Raider. There is a hollow tube variant that is also quite valuable but i can't tell from photo which version you have.
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    Sadly all the accessories and most of the capes are missing. Do you have a baggie with all the weapons and props and lightsabers lying around somewhere? These would increase the figure values when original.

    I do wonder how much a Robo-Muffit costs these days. I'm not into Battlestar Galactica collecting and couldn't find any on eBay.

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    super thanks for the direction folks i will google some of the comments made to see what i can see

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    What's inside the Falcon, is there a training ball in there? Does the sound and wings work on the X-wing?

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    The Battlestar Galactica muffit came in two variants brown and tan. However this one appears to have a broken tail so little value. The Baltar only came with a laser pistol the exact same style as Adama and Starbuck who both came with the pistol and a blue cape and a brown cape
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