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Thread: Old 1980s Sears Christmas catalogs. the good old days

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    60 bucks for a Sterling drum set from a 1983 christmas catalog. Not bad. These days drum sets would be like 500 bucks brand new

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    I seem to recall a website that has tons of old catalogs that were scanned and archived.
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    yeah we all know a few sites that have archived photos of the old christmas catalogs.

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    Looking through the photos of the old stuff, im surprised that the drum sets were a little cheaper back then. If they were in catalogs today they'd probably be expensive like 500 bucks or more.

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    The old catalog's are pure gold to me! Could not wait to get the JC Penny one each Christmas season.
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    Old Christmas catalogs are getting some good prices on Ebay.

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    Anyone ever had their parents order the Marvel Comics issue box set from the 1990 JC Penny Christmas catalog back then? Page 475 in the catalog.

    Were those issues of the comics randomly picked for the boxed sets or were certain ones chosen?

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    also page 529 of the 1990 JC Penney catalog had another comic book pack set that had 25 random issues and I still have a couple of old Fantastic Four issues from one of those comic book pack sets from the catalog.

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