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Thread: Star Wars destiny cards and dice

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    Star Wars destiny cards and dice

    Hi all

    does anyone collect the Star Wars destiny card and dice game , I have brought a few packs but don’t know anyone to play with so thought I would collect them easier said then done I am looking for someone to trade with , I have the 2 player starter set and all the booster sets Luke,Rey,boba and ren plus the rivals sets . I have swaps in spirit of rebellion and way of the force I live in the uk also does anyone know of a folder or something similar where you can but dice and card togeather I have a boba fett destiny folder but you can’t but dice and card on display



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    I play this game (much to the dismay of my wallet). I'd be glad to work with you on trading. I put the rest in an IM. So... You've got mail...

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