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Thread: What's my Voltron?

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    What's my Voltron?

    Hi, it was a toss-up for where I stick the thread: here, cartoon toys, or television toys ...

    Anyway, looking for some guidance: what Voltron do I have?
    I picked up a die-cast Voltron at a con recently. I of course watched the original cartoon as a kid, but don't know much about the toys.

    Came loose, so no box, and no accessories (sword, etc.)
    Stands 11" head-to-toe assembled (not including 'wings')

    I assumed this would have been the '85 Matchbox release, because I didn't know what else it could be. The dealer didn't have a lot of info, said the 5 lions might actually be a mix of Matchbox and ... Taiwan?

    At the time, I also didn't know anything about the Taiwan factories using paint with high levels of lead, and toys from those factories having been recalled.

    Anyway, here's some things I've noticed now which may help:
    On both legs, the underside of the lion jaw is stamped:
    97 TM
    84 WEP

    Similarly, on both both arms, the underside of the lion jaw is stamped with:
    84 WEP
    97 TM

    Also, both arms (red & green), have an upraised "fin" on their hindquarters, which I don't think was on the Matchbox version.

    Tails on red & green are black plastic, where videos I found of the Matchbox version looked like they may be grey?

    Now, black lion, main detail that might help is it has a silver sticker between its hind legs that reads in part:
    Foreign letters (assume Japanese), along with a code GB-36
    1981 Y & K

    Anyone have any insight?
    I guess black lion is actually pre-Matchbox ... foreign Go-lion release?
    And I think the arms/legs may be from a '97 Trendmasters release?
    I'm at least thinking I don't have any lead paint pieces, so that's a relief.

    I'm still happy to have it, though I don't ever buy things on a whim, so to find out the majority of it might actually be from the late '90s and not mid-'80s was awkward.

    I saw that the Trendmasters version came with a small arsenal. Don't need those, but would be nice to get a sword for him. Anyone know how much that might set me back?

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    Im no expert but it may be lionbot parts.

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    Hey, thanks for the reply.
    Do you know if there is a difference between "Golion" and "lionbots"?

    Surprised no one else has responded, too. I thought we had experts for all sorts of vintage things around here.

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