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Thread: Attakus Kylo Ren Statue

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    Attakus Kylo Ren Statue

    I thought I'd post the RS story of Attakus's Kylo Ren Statue. asp

    It's been a while since we've heard anything from them, so I figured that this would be interesting news. Is anyone planning on getting it?

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    I stopped collecting Attakus but they make lovely statues, don’t think I’ve had one I’ve been unhappy with in either of their 1:5 or 1:10 scale lines, saw the unpainted pictures of Kylo yesterday & thought it was a good pose so should turn out nicely.
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    I have owned one Attakus Statue (Tusken Raider) and wanted to buy the Boba Fett one forever. I should get it now, just keep putting it off due to space issues.

    But I have loved all the ones I ever owned or saw in person at the 15" scale that were troopers or Sith. I imagine this one would be just as nice.
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