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Thread: Star Wars Celebration Chicago - Help Needed

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    Star Wars Celebration Chicago - Help Needed

    Hi everything,

    Is anyone going to be attending Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, IL? I know the prices for autographs has not yet been posted yet, but when/if they become available, I'd like to get someone's help in getting a few signatures on some of my items. Let me know when you can. Thanks fellow scummers!
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    Actually the prices are listed. Who are you looking for? I might be willing to assist.

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    Here are the prices

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    I think you guys are full of crap about this swapping thing going on. How we do know its not you that you're doing the swapping yourself?

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    You guys are right about the prices being posted (didn't see it initially, so thanks for pointing it out). I'm looking for Ray Park, Temuera Morrison, and Warwick Davis (if I can find the plaque). I'm looking to get Ray Park to sign my Master Replicas Darth Maul blueprint, Temuera Morrison to sign my Master Replicas Jango Fett blasters, Warwick Davis to sign a plaque (non-Star Wars). I've reached out to the company who is running it to see if they would be okay about the Jango Fett blasters, but so far I've not heard anything.
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    Good night. These prices are getting out of control. I get $200 for Christensen, but what is justifying $60/$70 for some of these folks? It's completely depressing to see the hobby become "disney-ized" and priced out of the range of some collectors. What happened to $20 autograph tickets? I'm glad I didn't invest in going to Chicago, and frankly, this is why. (Not that you guys asked and I'm sorry to be a downer). I guess Star Wars autograph collecting is becoming for a select few.

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