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Thread: Top 10 All-Time Favorite 3.75” Figures!

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    Top 10 All-Time Favorite 3.75” Figures!

    There are thousands to consider from over 40 years of collecting! From either Kenner or Hasbro (or even something else), choose your faves. For this poll, let’s say that they must be official releases (no customs) on the 3.75” scale.

    Let loose!
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    I’ll start:

    10). 2009 Hasbro Legacy Collection Comic Packs “Yuuzhan Vong & Kyle Katarn (Dark Horse’ Star Wars Tales)” Yuuzhan Vong Warrior

    I love all the Comic Packs, because they give so much love to the old EU. This figure is a huge chunk of plastic, and validates our desire to see stuff from the old books.

    9). 2006 Hasbro The Saga Collection (SAGA-032) R5-D4

    It was just a new head on a repainted VOTC R2, but at the time showed how committed Hasbro was to better-sculpted droids. It’s outdated somewhat now, but still inspires me.

    8). 2012 Hasbro The Vintage Collection (VC113) Republic Trooper (The Old Republic)

    I was playing the game at the time, and loved these soldiers' toughness and resilience. This figure has plenty of bells and whistles (removable everything and good color), but I like its smooth articulation best; it's the only figure that feels this certain way in hand.
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    7). 2010 Hasbro The Vintage Collection (VC21) Gamorrean Guard

    What can I say? At the time, it might have been the best update we'd ever gotten. You can't have too many!

    6). 2005 Hasbro Revenge of the Sith (III-33) Clone Commander (Battle Gear)

    Visor, blaster holsters, pauldron, kama! The original figure featured the red and green paint schemes, but its sculpt and accessories were used several times over ensuing years. I love the displayable quality, as well as the well-designed articulation. At the time, it was real step forward.

    5). 1985 Kenner Ewoks Logray

    As a child, I loved the show, mainly for Logray's wisdom and kindness to the young Ewoks. I appreciate that the character exists in his cartoon form. When I think of the '80s, I think of this guy.

    4). 2012 Hasbro The Vintage Collection (VC90) Colonel Cracken (Millennium Falcon Crew)

    I couldn't believe that Hasbro made this guy (and actually named him Colonel Cracken). Back in the day, I played the West End Games Star Wars RPG virtually every weekend, and eagerly consumed all the old "Cracken's Most Wanted" articles. I thought Cracken to be the head of Rebel Intelligence, and always wanted to see him in plastic. It was a great pleasure to score this release.

    3). 1985 Kenner Power of the Force Yak Face/2019 The Vintage Collection (VC000) Haslab Exclusive Yak Face

    It's the rarity and alien weirdness, I guess. They are not only valuable, but also represent the odd backgrounder ethic I love so much so well.

    2). 1980 Kenner The Empire Strikes Back Bossk (Bounty Hunter)

    When I was a kid, I considered this my favorite action figure. It was originally offered as the "Secret Star Wars Figure" mail-away, but I got him on card. I would put him on a dewback and have a good ol' reptilian time (in this picture, for some reason, he's wearing a belt). It's instant endorphins whenever I hold or even see him.

    1). 2001 Hasbro Power of the Jedi Ellors Madak (Fan's Choice Figure No. 1)

    I was really excited when he won the contest. Even though he features no articulation (and is a little pre-posed), he is still for me the greatest example of miniature realism and backgrounder awesomeness. I own a lot of them. A lot.

    Well, I might change this list by the week (it's like whatever show you're watching or music you're listening to), but these are my go-to figs most of the time!
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